This week, Loudoun Hunger Relief has entered its 29th year of service to Loudoun County residents in need of food. In the past 28 years, the pantry that started as Loudoun Interfaith Relief has helped families survive their darkest days.

In all that time, we have never had to turn anyone away because we didn't have food to give--a testament to the generosity of our Loudoun community.

Each year since 1991, Loudoun Hunger Relief, our amazing volunteers and our generous supporters have stood between Loudoun families and hunger. And every year until the need ends, we will be here to help.

As we enter our 29th year of service amid this time of trouble, we are serving more families than ever. The need has been multiplied by the pandemic. The need for Loudoun Hunger Relief's services is greater than it has ever been.

  • In 1991, LHR served a dozen or so families a week with a handful of volunteers. That first year, about 60,000 pounds of food were distributed.

  • In the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2020, we served more than 13,000 Loudoun residents at least once, and had more than 73,000 service encounters with almost 20,000 additional residents. More than 2 million pounds of food was distributed.

  • The backbone of Loudoun Hunger Relief's services has been our volunteers. More than a quarter of a million hours have been given in service of others at the pantry.

Over the course of 28 years, we have helped our neighbors in need through 1.3 million pantry visits and over 23 million pounds of food. And in the course of those 28 years, every person who has served our neighbors through the pantry has also tried to offer hope, compassion and kindness.