May 31, 2020

Dear Columbus Academy Families,
The past week in Columbus and around the country has been profoundly troubling. When we talk about social change in educational institutions, sometimes we say we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable as we seek a better, more equitable world.
There is no comfort to be gained, however, from deep and profound suffering caused by George Floyd's senseless death -- in addition to countless others who were killed unjustly before him -- and the subsequent pain and violence here in Central Ohio and all across our nation.
There is no comfort to be gained from those who hide in shadows of the protestors to advantage themselves, hoping to either create chaos or profit from it.
There is no comfort in the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on the African American population of the United States, either through death or loss of work.
The comfort we can muster lies in our school community wrapping itself around those most in pain and, even though we are apart, giving a sense that we know there is suffering and we want to be part of the healing.
Yesterday, Upper School Dean of Students Dr. Pascal Losambe wrote all the students in our Upper School a tremendously sincere letter of personal experience as an African man, expressions of support for those who are experiencing racism, and hope in the future. Let's join him.
The strength of our community is in our ability to shelter and care for all of its members. As a school we commit ourselves to respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion and fairness while exhibiting integrity and moral courage, and we are going to need to call upon those qualities of our education with a renewed power in the days and months ahead.
Children are watching and learning about how we live our lives in these confusing and difficult times. Let's show them how the humanity of an excellent education focused on character drives our daily actions in fighting the pernicious forces that seek to divide us in Columbus and beyond. We all belong.
Head of School
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