Introducing Mobius-i and EDGE-i Series
At the CEDIA Expo, Amina unveiled the Mobius i and the Edge i Series. 
These new models  incorporate brand new Excelsior class high frequency drivers as well as Amina's OptiDamping, OptiDrive, Reduced-Resonance delivering 
smooth high frequency extension, high power handling and improved low frequency performance.
Mobius i-Series
Designed for Plaster or Special Custom Finishes
The Mobius i series provides the greatest flexibility for interior design integration and installation
of any invisible loudspeaker. Delivering incredible high frequency performance across
the entire listening position, allowing for perfect reproduction with all the detail and clarity, no matter where in the space you are listening from.

Engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as wet plaster skim (2mm), wood, leather, or high pressure laminate, to name a few, Mobius Loudspeakers offer the most flexible invisible audio solution available.

Models Available:

Mobius5 i  $1,100 MSRP each
Mobius7 i  $1,600 MSRP each
EDGE i-Series
Designed for Easy Drywall Installs with Paint or Thin Veneer Finishes

A new revolutionary design for invisible loudspeaker technology, the Amina Edge i Series offers smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience that has never previously been heard from an invisible loudspeaker.

Designed for application within drywall construction techniques, Amina Edge i loudspeakers incorporates a tapered perimeter. Once taped, filled, sanded and painted, the loudspeaker becomes fully invisible. Amina Edge i speakers can also be installed in post-plaster situation (retrofit) where there is a full wet skim (Amina Edge i speakers should not be fully plastered over).

Models Available:

EDGE3 i   $   600 MSRP each
EDGE5 i   $1,000 MSRP each
EDGE7 i   $1,500 MSRP each