AUGUST 2017           
The Costs of  Elder Isolation to Our Community 

Today, the Twin Cities metro area is home to an estimated 230,000 people over the age of 65. Of those, about 39,000 people live alone and lack the social support of family and friends that are critical to their physical and mental well-being. Did you know that social isolation results in an increased risk of many health problems including dementia, depression, heart disease and stroke? Socially isolated elders are also more prone to falls and malnourishment. What's more, isolated elders are more likely to end up in nursing homes, at a cost between $82,000 and $95,000 per year.

That is why your gift of time, talent, companionship and connection with your Elder Friend and with our organization is so important. Connecting elders to someone who cares helps improve their well-being, helps them remain in their own homes longer and reduces the health care costs associated with isolation.  Your friendship helps your Elder Friend feel a part of the world around them -- aging with a sense of dignity and purpose. 

Thank you for being at the heart of the LBFE movement to create a community where no elder feels alone and every elder is loved and cared about by someone. That someone is YOU!
After every LBFE volunteer experience, please access the Volunteer Engagement Report on our website, enter password  lbfe , report your time and share valuable information. All volunteers (Office Support, Bakers, Friendship and Flowers Visitors, Visiting Volunteers, Phone Companions, Drivers, etc.) should use this simple online system. Thank you for helping us monitor LBFE elders' well-being and ensure that together we deliver the best possible service. 
Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly Out in the Community

LBFE is hitting the road and bringing our message to a community gathering near you! On September 6th, we have been invited to host an information table from 4 to 6 pm during the Fall Festival at Catholic Eldercare. We will also be attending the Health and Wellness Expo at Eastside Neighborhood Services on Sept 12 from 10 am to noon. 

We are very excited to share information about our elder services, as well as opportunities to volunteer with us. And we're fortunate that a long-time LBFE volunteer is able to join us at some of these events to share her story about what volunteering has meant to her.  

If there's an event in your community, place of worship or service organization that you think LBFE should attend, please let us know. We love to get out of the office and connect with the community! Contact Ann Fosco with ideas.

Volunteer Leaders Came Through!

We asked and you answered! Thank you to Kris Jone s and Marcie Spears who have accepted leadership roles for two of LBFE's largest programs. K ris will be coordinating the logis tics for Friendship and Flowers deliveries to homebound elders, and Marcie has taken on the coordination of the many moving parts of holiday meals. It takes a very special person to work behind the scenes with spreadsheets, project plans and myriad details. Kris and Marcie are definitely  two of those people. 

Thank you both for going the extra mile to ensure our elders are not forgotten.

Pauline and Pat
Selfie of the Month

Visiting Volunteer Pat Behrend and her Elder Friend Pauline have been very busy this summer! Together they visited the Ramsey County Fair, shopped at the Flea Market and played many games of bingo. Here they are checkin' out the hot rods on a hot summer day at the fair. Looks like they're having a great time!

What have you and your Elder Friend been up to? Send us a quick email and attach your selfie.

Will you be the next  Selfie of the Month?  
Inspiration for the Day

Brighten your day by watching this video about a 98-year-old baker who connects with his community through his rolling pin!