James Falvey, Executive Director, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
Bruce McBeath, Ph.D, licensed psychologist

Social connection: an antidote for loneliness and isolation
"What one thing would you suggest as an antidote for loneliness and isolation?" That was the question posed by Dr. Bruce McBeath to more than fifty attendees at the January  Vital Aging Network Forum. 

With two minutes to answer the question, the room was buzzing with discussion. Human connection and touch ... transportation ... volunteering ... time for pie ... sharing stories ... being heard. All are important antidotes and all are central to the mission of LBFE.  As a volunteer with LBFE, what suggestions do you have? 

LBFE Executive Director, James Falvey, then shared that through dedicated volunteers like you, our organization is building a community wide movement to end loneliness and isolation in the elder community. Please share this important story  and invite others to join you in the discussion and solution!  

Dinner volunteer Kristy and Elder Friend Mary 
Sharing a meal feeds both body and soul

Eating together is a small act that requires very little of us.
Experts say that sharing meals benefits our well-being and contributes to our over all quality of life. Just  30-45 minutes out of our day could wind up being one of the happiest parts. 

The next time you and your elder friend are sharing a meal - or even a snack, coffee or dessert - s nap a selfie, attach it to an email, and hit send! 
Will you be the next Selfie of the Month? 

Join  us for our breakfast fundraiser!

During this free 1-hour breakfast benefit even hosted by WCCO Radio Host, Jordana Green, guests will hear from Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as elders who have been impacted by loneliness and isolation. Please support LBFE, as together we create neighborhoods where no elder feels alone.  

Friends for Life  Breakfast Benefit
Thursday, April 5,  8-9 am
Metropolitan Ballroom,  5418 Wayzata Blvd,  Golden Valley, MN 55416

Upcoming volunteer enrichment opportunities 

The Art of Listening
Tuesday, February 13, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
1845 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Hearing is a physical ability while listening is a skill. Listening allows us to understand what another person is saying, but is a skill that takes practice to master. During this session, we will look at the many ways we can become better listeners and therefore better friends for our elders, family members and caregivers. There will be plenty of time to practice with fellow volunteers!

5:30 - Refreshments; volunteer networking and sharing
6:00 - The Art of Listening, featuring Jodi Green, LBFE Visiting Volunteer and Stephen's Ministry Trainer
7:00 - Q&A and wrap-up

To register, please email Ann Fosco at and include The Art of Listening in the subject line. Family members and friends are welcome!


Reminiscence Workshop
Thursday, March 1, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
1845 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Reminiscence work aims to improve the psychological and social health of older people by maintaining personal past and identity. Reminiscence can generate memories and interpretations of life events through handling objects, art activities, music, poetry and conversation. Join us for this interactive workshop and discover how to create an enjoyable social activity,  improve mood and well-being, and create a sense of community than can be found in the sharing of experience.

5:30 - Refreshments; volunteer networking and sharing
6:00 - Reminiscence workshop, featuring Shannon Nixon, MFA, Life Enrichment Specialist, Jewish Family Service of St. Paul
7:00 - Q&A and wrap-up

To register, please email Ann Fosco at
and include Reminiscence in the subject line. Family members and friends are welcome!
Elder friend Bobbi with visiting volunteer Bob
The 5 face aging principles

These five principles provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota face aging.  Learn more
Spring will be here before
you know it ...

And so will our  s pring fundraising events LBFE Friends for Life Breakfast (Thursday, April 5) and our Wingo bingo/wine tasting event (Thursday, May 17) are right around the corner. 

Join us to volunteer!  Help with planning, set-up, clean-up or welcoming guests to the event, just to name a few of the ways to get involved. Share your love for volunteering at LBFE and have some fun! Interested in learning more?   Contact Ceallaigh Smart:  or 612.746.0739.

Help an Elder research his family history

Are you interested in geneology? Do you enjoy doing research?  LBFE elder Jim, has been working hard to trace his family history. Unfortunately, he has come to a point where he can't dig any deeper on his own. He is hoping that someone skilled in doing research, or someone who has traced their own family history, might be interested in helping him with his project. You could work work with Jim doing research at  Quatrefoil library or using the computers in his apartment building. For more information please contact Sandy O'Donnell: or 612.746.0724

Take the Doing Good Together  Valentine Kindness Challenge

Make February a month of generosity and launch your family's life long habit of doing good, together!  #28daysofkindness