A Huge Heart in a Small Person
Piper may only be 11 years old, but she is already making plans to start her own nonprofit organization! She loved her first Friendship and Flowers visit so much she couldn't wait to do more. The seed for her one day to be nonprofit  Friendship Is Ageless was planted. 

Piper has recruited a cadre of helpers to make tie fleece blankets for our elder friends. Some volunteers buy and donate brightly colored fleece, while others cut and tie the fleece to create beautiful blankets.  Together, Piper and her mom deliver these very special blankets to LBFE when they come to pick up their Friendship and Flowers gift bags for the monthly Saturday delivery. In turn, the soft and cozy blankets are given to welcome new Elder Friends who are just joining Little Brothers, wrapping them in a warm hug from Visiting Volunteers and the LBFE family.

Piper's next goal is to form a friendship with one special elder who she will visit every month with her mom, bringing fresh flowers, homemade cookies and a heart full of love. If you would like to know more about making tie-fleece blankets with your family, youth group or classroom, please email  Visit our website to learn more about Friendship and Flowers and other volunteer opportunities with LBFE. 
Judy W. (r) with her Visiting Volunteer, Rose
Making a Difference One Blanket at a Time
To Krista and Friends at Revel Health from Your Elder Friend Judy,

Thank you so much for the lovely blanket you made. I LOVE IT! I use it every night while watch TV and even bring it to bed with me. You made a difference in my life by your wonderful gift. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ Judy W. 

Employees of Revel Health were looking for a service project that aligned with their mission "Empowering People for Health," and Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly was a great fit. Employee volunteers made twelve tie fleece blankets just like the one that Judy received from her new Visiting Volunteer, Rose. Making the blankets together was a great team building activity for the employees, as well as a great way to show our elder friends that they are loved and cared about. To learn more about creating an LBFE service project for your team, please email 

Nothing Says Lovin' Like Something from the Oven

After 40 years of coordinating the many cookie bakers from Piper Jaffray, Bernie Lindholm is retiring! 

On the third Friday of every month, Bernie and her husband Gordie arrived on the loading dock at Piper Jaffray, her employer for many years, and picked up 15-20 dozen cookies all baked by Piper Jaffray employee volunteers. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, even sugar-free cookies for those who needed them, were all carefully loaded into their car for delivery to the LBFE kitchen. 

We will never be able to thank Bernie and Gordie enough for their unwavering commitment to Friendship and Flowers and their heartfelt dedication to alleviating loneliness and isolation for elders who are homebound. Volunteers like them and volunteers like you, are the very foundation of Little Brothers. 

We are in need of additional bakers at this time. If you would like to support the Friendship and Flowers program by baking cookies for elders living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, please email

Selfie of the Month
Mary and Karen celebrate together on Karen's wedding day. What special occasions have you and your elder friend shared? Snap a photo, attach it to an email and share your story. We would love to hear from you! 

Volunteer Winda and Elder Friend Peggy 
Volunteering with an Elder Friend

Volunteering provides many of us with a purpose in life, and that purpose can help sustain a healthier lifestyle that includes increased physical, mental and social activity.  Many of our elder friends would like to "give back" and re-discover or deepen their sense of purpose. 

We are currently looking for elder/volunteer pairs who might be interested in giving back to Little Brothers by volunteering to share your experience with someone who is interested in learning more about our organization. While "shadowing" you and your elder friend during a monthly visit, a potential new volunteer or donor may be inspired to join our community-wide movement to end elder loneliness and isolation. 

To learn more about the opportunity for you and your elder to volunteer, please contact Ann Fosco at or 612-746-0725.

Blizzard Boxes

As the snow blows and swirls outside, our thoughts turn to our elders who may not be able to get out for several days to pick up groceries or to visit the food shelf. 

Shelf stable meals, sometimes called Blizzard Boxes, can ensure elders have nutritious food to eat when severe weather occurs. The boxes might contain canned stews and soups, crackers and peanut butter, tuna, instant oatmeal, small bottles of juice or microwavable meals if the elder owns a microwave. Anything that does not need refrigeration or that would not spoil can be included. 

The next time you hear that bad weather is approaching, please consider checking in on your elder friend to make sure they have some shelf stable goodies to tide them over.
Upcoming Events

Friends for Life 2nd Annual Fundraiser Breakfast
This quick-paced breakfast event is an ideal way to start your day! Whether you're a long-time friend or new acquaintance of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, you'll come away renewed and inspired to join us in our movement to end elder isolation and loneliness through friendship and caring. 

Thursday, April 5 
8 - 9 a.m. 
Metropolitan Ballroom & Clubroom 
5418 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley, MN

Wingo! Wine Tasting and Bingo 
Join us for some lively bingo, awesome prizes and delicious wines from around the world! Must be 21 to attend. Tickets $45 in advance; $50 at the door. Students $25. 
Thursday, May 17 
7pm - 9pm 
Day Block Event Center 
1103 South Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55415
How You Can Improve Your Life By Listening Better

Have you ever shared exciting news with your partner and felt like you weren't really being heard? There was probably some head nodding, but he or she seemed distracted - maybe thinking about something from earlier, deciding what to eat for lunch or even subtly checking email.

"Most of us are well aware when someone really isn't listening to us - it's annoying, and it can even be hurtful if we're talking about something important," said Michael P. Nichols, author of  The Lost Art of Listening.