Thanksgiving 2017           
Thank You Volunteers! 

Families, friends, neighbors and co-workers all working together, ensured that fewer elders were alone or forgotten on Thanksgiving day.  
You, the volunteers, make this day possible for our elders. Your generous gifts of time, kindness and compassion made all the difference for 115 elders on this special day.  As they have for decades, Envision Catering and Hospitality provided us with a beautiful ballroom and fine china, as well as a professional chef and additional staff support. Thank you all so much for your ongoing support!  Additional p ictures can be viewed on our LBFE Facebook page.

Please also consider volunteering with us all year long. As you know, loneliness doesn't take a holiday.  Together, we can  build a community where no elder feels alone, and every elder is valued and loved.

Joyce and Mab
Thanksgiving Selfie 
Joyce and Mab demonstrate the importance of human touch, while enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal together. The two go hand in hand! 

Did you and your Elder Friend snap a selfie at dinner? Send us a quick email and attach your selfie. 
Will you be the next Selfie of the Month? 
We are thankful for...

~ our outstanding volunteers

~ the friendship of our elders

~ our generous community partners

~ the support of our college  interns

~ our LBFE community where elders are loved  and valued

Gifts for Seniors

Gifts for Seniors provides donated gifts and personal contact during the winter holidays to isolated seniors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. This year, they are extending an invitation to LBFE Visiting Volunteers to "shop" for a donated gift for your elder friend at their warehouse in NE Minneapolis. 

If you would like to participate, please contact Gifts for Seniors directly, at   612-379-3205.
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