May 12, 2020

While the global impact of COVID-19 is staggering, so is the unique opportunity we now have to spread the hope found only in the good news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

Amid this pandemic, Carmel missionaries around the world continue to serve and share the gospel with the unreached and unengaged in their communities. Here are a few highlights:
  • A and K (South Asia): This has drawn us together with our neighbors through WhatsApp messages, of course! There is an increased awareness, concern, and care for the poor.
  • Watanabe Family (Albania): Many people are out of work. The school here in Sauk has identified 100 families that are in need of assistance.  It seems like almost the whole village to us!
  • Post Family (Ethiopia): While our centers that bring children out of street life are on pause we are serving the 120 extremely poor families that are a part of our family empowerment program and 26 teenage boys that are in our family care homes. Another 18 boys are joining us this week!  
  • Tippie Family (Peru): As we put our services online more people are logging on and starting watch "parties" than we had in attendance at some of our services.
  • Contreras Family (Bolivia): Everyone must stay in their houses 24 hours a day except for one grocery run for 4 hours once a week...on foot.  No cars are allowed on the road except for emergency vehicles and essential personnel.
  • Sula Family (Albania): Private citizens who are not public health care workers or employed in the two essential businesses are only allowed out for periods of 90 minutes with government permission.  Each week, church leaders deliver food and other necessities to families in need.
  • Hallahan Family (France): We delivered (sans-contact) care packages to each household in our section of our apartment complex, including a French Bible and a note of encouragement.  We received three responses thanking us for our délicates attentións, although we're still trying to figure out what that means in English! They have been well-received.
  • R and C (East Asia): We have been back in the US for a little over a month, not sure when we will be able to return to East Asia. We have been helping at Heart for Monroe, which is a local food and clothes closet- amidst the corndogs and canned goods the Lord is working!

Other News...

Summer Plans? Reopening Plans? 
Be sure to check out Pastor Chat email on Friday for a full update on our current plans for summer and a phased reopening. 
Compass Financial Webinar TONIGHT @ 7pm!
In the  God's Part - Our Part webinar we will explore a biblical worldview towards wealth and money.  You can  register here  for this free class at 7pm.
Dealing with Grief & Loss? Tune in Wednesday
Carmel Counseling Center invites you to their  Zoom conversation  tomorrow, May 13 at 1:30pm for a discussion on grief and loss . Have questions you'd like to see them answer in this Zoom or a future topic you'd like to see discussed? Submit it here
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Praise for all our young artists who helped us celebrate Mother's Day with drawings of their mom! 

Praise for the power of encouraging words! 

If you missed this news story featuring minister partner Changed Choices and Carmel member Rebecca S, watch it here.  If you're willing to write a note of encouragement to a neighbor being served by a local ministry partner, find mailing addresses   here .

Praise for our graduating seniors! Saturday night, senior families will celebrate the Launching with Purpose Milestone that includes parents praying a special blessing over their child. Tune in Sunday morning as we celebrate the class of 2020 as a church!  

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