Plans are approved to build an outdoor amphitheater in Victorian Square, on the site of the recently-demolished Bourbon Square Casino.
The proposed Nugget Event Center is located in downtown Sparks at Victorian Center. It is an open outdoor performance venue with a seating capacity of approximately 8,500.

It consists of an open overhead stage structure approx. 60 ft. high that supports a pair of state-of-the-art highly directional loudspeakers that concentrate amplified sound energy onto the audience and minimizes over spill out of the venue. 

Seating includes flat floor seating in front of the stage and an open steel framed grandstand across from the stage. The top of the grandstand is at 40 ft. The venue, stage and seating is oriented on an east - west axis parallel to and alongside Victorian Dr. between Tenth St. and Victorian Plaza Circle.
"We'll use it during the summertime for some really great concerts to bring to the community, and outside of that I think there will be all kinds of uses that could come to it," said Anthony A. Marnell III, CEO of Marnell Gaming, LLC. "At our Laughlin property we've got 5,000 seats in the stadium and 4,000 on the floor. When you take the seats off the floor you can do skate parks, ice skating rinks, rodeo; we've done all those things."

The Nugget Event Center is opening this summer with several rowdy friends and a concert slate filled with high-profile country singers.

Marnell Gaming announced that it has inked deals with Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr., and Lady Antebellum to perform at its outdoor amphitheater in Sparks' Victorian Square.

Toby Keith will hold the first major concert at the Nugget Event Center on June 15. Keith has notched several No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart since the 1990s, including "Beer for My Horses" and "As Good as I Once Was."

The next concert is scheduled on Aug. 3, this time featuring Hank Williams Jr. A longstanding presence on the country circuit, Williams is widely known for opening Monday Night Football broadcasts for several years with his song, "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night."

The third confirmed act is Lady Antebellum, which will perform on Aug. 17. The band is known for hits such as "Need You Now" and "Just a Kiss."

"I think everybody's going to win in this deal; everyone is going to benefit," Marnell said. "From what I've heard and the comments we received from the community, people are excited. There are not many places you can look out your apartment window, stand on your balcony and be a hundred feet away from A-plus entertainment and I think it'll bring energy to the area."

The venue will be used for up to ten big events per year, and in connection with existing events like the Rib Cook-Off and Hot August Nights.

"It's going to be fun," Marnell said.  "We've done it before in another part of the state and it's a great economic driver.  It's safe, its fun and I think people will enjoy it being so close to them, right in their backyard."
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