Amplifying Impact
Dear Friends,
Today, Jerusalem Peacebuilders (JPB) stands before several extraordinary opportunities.  Our good fortune is the outcome of your loyalty and of a plan that leveraged our reserves to diversify our programming, participants and organizational partners.  Indeed, during our recent visit to the Holy Land in September, JPB's Israeli and Palestinian partners approached us with a set of unique and advantageous opportunities.  So briefly, what are a few of these opportunities and their potential?
  • With Q Schools Founder, Dr. Dalia Fadila
    Q Schools
     just invited JPB to participate in the revitalization of four East Jerusalem schools.  JPB will design and implement the new curriculums as well as train teachers.  Participation in this initiative gives JPB a highly visible platform to help shape the education system for peace and foster equality in Jerusalem, as well as to attract the best and brightest to our summer institutes
  • DfP - JPB alums at European Union in Brussels
    Excited by its expansion into 30 new schools from the Negev to the Galilee, Debate for Peace (DfP) will be working with JPB to train its teacher-mentors and to operate its monthly events.  Such cooperation will allow JPB to connect with dozens of schools and teachers across Israel and to draw a diverse and outstanding body of Israeli citizens into our peacebuilding programs.
  • With Anglican school leaders in Nazareth
    The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is also expanding its partnership with JPB.  In 2018, JPB's peacebuilding programs will spread to Episcopal schools in Nazareth and Haifa.  Our partnerships with Christian schools strengthens their ministries of reconciliation and ensures that this sector of the Holy Land's population is empowered for leadership.
  • Finally, JPB's Holy Land partners generously agreed to utilize their resources to cover the travel costs of all participants in JPB summer programming and to contribute substantially to the living costs of JPB educators in Jerusalem and Nazareth.  This translates into a big benefit for JPB, roughly equivalent to 40% of JPB's total annual budget.
Thank you for standing with JPB.  With your prayers, involvement and support, you have empowered JPB to reach this exciting new stage of our mission.  We have already begun interconnecting these opportunities with the result that our peacebuilding mission now holds the potential to leapfrog forward in its impact and development.
May the God of Peace bless you,
Canon Nicholas T. Porter and Stuart Kensinger
Co-Founders, Jerusalem Peacebuilders
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Join us on pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
JPB's Program Director reflects on arriving to the Holy Land
I have arrived for my first time at the  Ben Gurion A irport , after a long journey by car, train, and plane.  As a newcomer, artist, and lover of nature, I am drawn to the muted colors and endless rolling hills that comprise the landscape between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The dusty red earth is speckled with endless white rocks; some form terraced walls and others lay half buried beneath the earth's surface.   The hills are dotted with sage colored olive trees and short spindly brush creating some of the only shade the landscape would see until sunset. Countryside views always have a calming effect on me - something I needed as we entered the busy and somewhat chaotic atmosphere that is always Jerusalem. In my lap is a notebook with my list of to do's. There are so many alumni to catch up with, partners to strengthen relationships with and programs to plan over my next eight months. I can't wait to share my journey you with you as my time progresses. Above is a picture of the sun setting just outside Jerusalem. I am sending you warmth and light on your own journey of peacebuilding. See you in next month's newsletter.
~Adj Marshall, Program Director 
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Position will develop in-school and summer programming
In September, JPB sent Camp Director, Jack Karn, to Houston, TX to serve as its new Regional Director.  Karn is tasked with developing both JPB's in-school leadership programs, as well as recruiting for our Interfaith Citizenship and new Voyager summer peacebuilding programs scheduled for 2018. This opportunity represents a new direction for JPB, as demand for our programming increases in the USA.

Jack introduces HCRJ Jewish youth to the work of JPB 
Based out of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, which has generously donated an office to JPB, Jack is actively initiating relationships and programming at local faith communities and institutions such as the Houston Congregation for Reform JudaismSt. John the Divine, St. John's School, Emery/Weiner SchoolRice University and the   Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance.  With the help of Palmer's Curate, The Rev. David Wantland, JPB is leading adult education programming around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and pilgrimage to the Holy Land along with supporting the development of Palmer's youth programs.
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Yasmeen Fadila models leadership in her life
Hello, my name is Yasmeen Fadila. I am 18 years old and I am an alum of last summer's JPB Leadership Institute held in Brattleboro, Vermont.
In the program, we learned about conflict resolution, how to be a leader, and how to address and resolve personal and world conflicts.  Most importantly, we learned the importance of learning about and working with each other.  In JPB I learned so much; I gained new knowledge and skills about being a peacebuilder and leader.
Being a summer participant in JPB encouraged me to join a mission trip to help refugees in Europe just two weeks after I came back from the USA.   I traveled to Athens, Greece as the youngest volunteer. I helped hundreds of refugees by making them care packages that consisted of food, toiletries, clothes and shoes, and toys.

Yasmeen engaging in play therapy for 
refugee children
Helping prepare care packages for families

Most of the time, I volunteered with refugee children, playing games and building Legos. We also played several Syrian games and provided food and clothes for the refugees.
Collecting donations for Rohingya relief efforts
Being a leader and lending a helping hand did not end when I came back from Athens. Recently, I initiated a local effort in my town of Tira to stand with my friends and collect donations for the Rohingya Muslim minority currently being persecuted in Myanmar (Burma). In total, we collected about 10,000 shekels.
In the future, I am looking forward to applying to be a Residential Assistant with JPB because I believe I will be a good and a bright leader to the youth participants. I am also looking forward to helping as many refugees as possible through volunteering and collecting donations. My hope is to become an International Human Rights lawyer and to use my voice to help end the refugee crisis. 

~Yasmeen Fadila
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Letter from a Service-Learning alum's parent
Tal and JPB teens practicing service at a local New Haven school
My son Tal Tzipori won a scholarship to go to New Haven this summer as a result of the MUN project.  He had an amazing experience there learning about the three monotheistic religions, conflict resolution, the refugee crisis and many other topics. They visited Yale University's campus and the United Nations Headquarters in New York City where they met diplomats and learned about international etiquette.
Tal delivers his speech on service and peacebuilding
By taking away the kids phones at the beginning of the trip, the teens spent most of their time communicating with each other and re-learning about social interaction. We were given daily Facebook updates about what they were learning and pictures showing they were having a good time. We were allowed to speak to them twice during the ten-day trip and Tal's voice really expressed his enjoyment. This was not a regular camp in America experience with extreme sports and fun activities. This program was a true eye-opening educational experience and one I don't think Tal will forget.
~Libby Tzipori
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world

"This program was everything I expected it to be and more. 
I learned the skills necessary to become a better leader 
and  resolve conflicts peacefully."   ~2017 participant

JPB peace leaders engage in crucial follow-up activities, co-existence and 
in-school leadership programs across the globe. 
Help us raise the  next generation of peacebuilders.
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Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world