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Fences Can Make Great Neighbors,
From Rats To Radiant - The Movie,
Sometimes It Takes 2 Years

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Fences Can Make Great Neighbors
You may have heard that saying before,
possibly from your own lips.
  • Many Sarasota area communities do not allow fences, especially like the one you see in this video.
  • Watch this 60 second video titled "The Fence Is For The Shih-tzus" for more info.
From Rats To Radiant - Estate Sale Realities
This neglected home was sold for top dollar simply because the probate attorney trusted Katrina.

In our last newsletter we shared a review from the probate attorney that represented this family. This week you can see the before and after shots in this 2 minute video. You can also read about how we kept the profits in the family's pocket, instead of it going to a house flipper.
Another 5 Star Review
from an out of state Customer
Sometimes it takes two years or even longer
to realize your dream.

You need a real estate agent that has
patience as one of their virtues.