October 26, 2016
When we are in the cone --
we pack up monkeys!


As predicted, we have had a very active hurricane season! Even though everyone was safe and dry during Hurricane Hermine and Matthew, we have been very busy preparing for future storms. We have learned a lot during these hurricane threats, what we can improve on, and what we need to help get us through future storms. Please look at our list (below) of things that would help us better protect the monkeys at Jungle Friends during severe weather.

Rows and rows of donated cages.
It takes a village! A huge  THANKS goes to Mr. James White at the Atlanta Center for Disease Control (CDC) for donating  11 tons of lab cages ! More thanks go to Dr. Capaldo with NEAVS for donating the funds to transport the cages to Jungle Friends. But wait there's more... hats off to  April Truitt with PRC  for arranging transport. Because of their generosity we can ensure the safety of each of our monkeys during major storms, or other natural disasters. By making a donation, you can help us prepare for the next natural disaster.

With the help of our fantastic volunteers and staff we positioned the cages in our block buildings. Bob Barker Medical Clinic and the Van Clan Conference Center are lined with cages, and during Hurricane Matthew -- the cages were full of monkeys who were kept safe and dry and out of harms way.

Moving cages into
block buildings.
I think we need a 
bigger door!

We locked the monkeys into their runways with their breakfast and then one-by-one we moved them through the runway into the dropdown and into the cage to be transported into a safe building until the threat of the storm passed. Click on the photos below to watch videos of the ordeal...
Safe Capture & Release
The monkeys move through runways into the dropdown chute and back again.
Monkey Transportation
The moneys are transported via golf cart to their safe place and back again.
Safe Keeping
Monkeys are kept near or with their companions to reduce stress.
Generator: Bob Barker Medical Clinic
Electrical back-up is needed to provide power for the well and electrical needs during a power outage. The Clinic also provides shelter for monkeys during severe weather.
Large Double Door: Van Clan Conference Center    
The Conference Center also provides secure shelter for monkeys in the event of  storms or other disasters. The larger rolling cages donated by the CDC to provide  an evacuation "home" for the monkeys do not fit through the existing sliding  glass door.
New Roof at Van Clan Conference Center
This building is not only used to house the monkeys during a severe storm, it also  serves as the main office and reception area and hosts presentations, screenings,  and speakers for animal advocacy and vegan outreach. The roof is old, and no  longer "patch" repairable.
Regrade Driveway to Van Clan Conference Center   
The lime rock covering has eroded and washed out due to storms. The drive 
provides  the main entrance and "first impression" for visitors to our Center. An asphalt drive is needed.
Concrete Slabs: Bob Barker Medical Clinic & Van Clan Conference Center
This will allow us to move the cages inside and out more easily, as well as an area  to clean the cages. 
All in Their Places
Every cage was labeled with the name of the monkey who would occupy the cage.
Monkey Checks
With nearly 300 monkeys, checks and double  checks are performed.
Hydration is Important
Monkeys were given cups of Gatorade throughout their stay in the lab cages.
One of the Staging Areas
Unhappy WF Capuchins
Back outside at Last!
With your help, we can be better prepared for the next big storm. Thank you in advance for your contributions to our Hurricane Fund

P.S. Don't Monkey Around on November 5th -- join us for Monkey Day! Please email us RSVP@JungleFriends.org and let us know you will be here.

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
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