Be a God Bearer: An Advent Invitation from Bishop Brown
Advent Resources
Below are some tools and ideas for individuals and churches to use when answering the invitation to be a God Bearer this Advent season. Some of the content was originally distributed a few years ago, but may be useful this year, too.
  Advent Devotions

Preparing to Welcome Visitors
  • Advent Parish Checklist - Use this handy checklist for getting your church ready for visitors during Advent and Christmas.  (ECF)

  • Amp Up Your Hospitality - We all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions DO matter and we use them. (ECF)

  • Prepare the Way for Visitors - In Advent, we prepare the way for the birth of Jesus, but are visitors going to be able to find their way to your congregation at Christmas? (ECF)

  • Advent Digital Invitation Kits - Use these images to promote special Advent events or explain the season itself on social media, your website, or around town. (The Episcopal Church)

  • Advent Bulletin Inserts - These bulletines with content related to Journeying the Way of Love can be provided each Sunday of Advent. (The Episcopal Church)
What is Advent? What does Christmas mean? 

  •  Advent in 2 Minutes - Not quite sure how to explain what exactly Advent is? This video by Busted Halo can help. 

  • Advent: Taking it to the Streets - Our church brings ashes to the street on Ash Wednesday; how might we bring Advent to the streets during this hectic season?  

  • Advent Video Sample (log into Facebook to view) - "Advent is coming (and we saved you a seat)" St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Cypress, Texas invites people to slow down and rediscover the meaning of Advent and Christmas.  

  • Christmas Messages - Short, simple, and powerful. Create a video message or ad for Christmas that’s easy to produce.  

Ideas for St. Nicholas Celebrations