An Affair with Abstract
We love abstract art because it makes us think.
We don't always know what it is and we love to ponder. 
Abstract art feeds our attraction to contemporary styles and can inspire feelings of fun, drama, excitement, peace and many other emotions.  Here are some ways to indulge.....
Opening Reception tomorrow!
Saturday, May 26
4:30 - 6:30pm

The Bruce S. Kershner Gallery has just installed a new exhibit featuring the work of Heidi Lewis Coleman and Tina Puckett.  Exquisite abstract assemblage paintings and muti-dimensional weavings in many sizes and colors all available for sale. 

Indulge your sensibilities.....add a unique and contemporary work of art to your space.  This exhibit will inspire you!  The gallery is located inside the Fairfield Public Library ,
1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield.  Exhibit ends July 13, 2018.

Should you or shouldn't you......

Abstract art is a great choice when the desired look is contemporary and you want to add color or express a feeling.  When considering a purchase of abstract art, what's important is that it is well executed with a thoughtful origin.  This piece is a great example - a stunning and masterful use of color and shape which opens the door for many interpretations while giving the viewer a delightful visual experience.

Need help with a selection?  Contact us.
Buying the best....

How do successful collectors do it?
Believe it or not, many started out with a very limited budget.  They looked for the most promising emerging artists - the ones who are innovative, skilled, trained and are just beginning their journey of exhibits and promotions.  It is a successful strategy.  European artists new to the US market are among those worth considering.

We are currently working with several artists from France and Italy for those who are looking for an exciting new collecting venture.
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