February 2019 -Rent Crested Butte & Gunnison
Rent our Beautiful Vacation Rentals for Winter or Summer 2019!!
There is an app for the trails in Crested Butte - Summer and Winter!

It is called 'cbgtrails' in the app store of either iphone or android! It is very cool so be sure to check it out! it is interactive - and shows you how to get to trails from where you are standing!
It has both winter and summer trails - you can toggle between them. There are Nordic trails, and even extreme trails. Apple and Android just approved the winter addon.
Between the town of Crested Butte and the ski resort of Mt. Crested Butte is a turnoff called Washington Gulch. As you drive Washington Gulch there is a short trail that takes you to beautiful Long Lake.
It is huge. And Beautiful. And at risk of being sold to developers. The Crested Butte Land Trust is spearheading an initiative to raise $3 million to facilitate a major land exchange that will save the lake. It is over half way to it's goal. It is a complicated land exchange but it looks as tho Long Lake will be saved. Contribute! 970-349-1206
Right next to the Ticket Office at the Base, offers OUR clients 20% off ski rentals!

Rates and Packages! Just fill in our form and you are free to call the store and get the discount. They will store your after ski boots during the day, and your skis at night, to make it even easier!
See rates and packages for pricing! and they have done significant upgrades to their skis, boards and helmets. I was particularly interested in the fact that all their helmets have been upgraded to 'Mips' technology, which helps to protect you against the linear and rotational forces of a bad fall.
And... you do know they deliver???? and fit you???? and pick up??? Great service!.
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