Cup of Empowerment
October 1, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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An Appointment with Your Purpose!
Dr. CarolMarie

There is an excitement in the air as we prepare for this special occasion!  Wonderful smells of fresh baked bread and the scented flowers stir our emotions!  The sounds of music blended with the hustle and bustle of preparation are inviting all to get ready for our outstanding guest!

When the "Teacher" comes, everyone follows Him into the room and awaits what He will say.  Our hearts feel like they will burst as He speaks. The food He gives us is life-giving and fresh!  We do not want to leave His presence! We feel challenged and yet whole as we agree with His words.

I am sure this was how they felt when Jesus spent many special teaching times at the home of His friends in Bethany.  It is believed it was the house of Martha, who was a widow. Her sister, Mary and brother Lazarus most likely lived with her.  Martha received Jesus into her home where she served while her sister, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened. When Martha opened her doors to Jesus, she was welcoming His ministry and all those with Him into her place too. The word used here is "diakonia" which is used for a deacon or one serving in ministry.  Could it be that this was a home church that Martha was the Administrator over? (Luke 10:40, John 12:2)

We are now in the the seventh month, Tishrei, on the Hebrew calendar.  The number seven represents "wholeness, spiritual perfecting and development; consecration and rest."  It is the month of Tishrei that speaks of reflected light.  It is a time to be sure the reflection you see is truly from the source of the Teacher and that you are reflecting correctly. It's a time to be teachable and submit to the perfecting He has for us! Though it is a month of celebration, it is not a month to take lightly.

Each month has a wonderful letter in the Hebrew alphabet assigned to it! And in Hebrew, the letters have a word picture that gives us greater understanding.  Our letter this month is "Lamed." It is a picture of a shepherd's staff and represents " to teach, train or discipline."  Sometimes, "lamed" is referred to as "the rod of the teacher."

As I write this, I am at a writer's conference, submitting to timely teaching so that my gift is sharpened.  Our skills need to match our passion in order to be the most effective! In my case, I have the passion to see widows move into their place of purpose as Martha and her sister, Mary did.  But even more importantly to learn to understand their purpose and appreciate the ones of others. The skill I press in for is to convey it in such a way the light comes on in them too!

Martha and Mary both had passion for their purpose but both lacked in the skill of blending their gift with their sister's.
What is your passion?  What skills do you need polished to be more successful in reflecting the light the Teacher has entrusted you with?  Who are you called to enhance their gift by using yours? This is a month to be enlightened and taught!

Find out more about the month of Tishrei on our website . Please email us your area of passion and the skill you desire to be developed so that we can agree with you in prayer!  ( )  This is your time to excel into your greater potential!


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