CNN recently published an article about the ways in which COVID-19 is disrupting women’s access to abortion services. The U.K. Government caused confusion last week when they initially declared that women could use medical abortion products at home, but then quickly reversed that decision, and then reversed their reversal to allow in-home abortions. Abortion has also been politicized in the USA as some states try to declare abortion care as a non-essential procedure.
DKT International has responded to this with multiple strategies. Carafem is participating in a pilot program to provide TelAbortion , where women are provided with medical abortion by mail if they live in Georgia, Illinois, or Maryland. DKT WomanCare published a call to action on their website outlining how the Ipas MVA could be used to transition many abortion services to outpatient facilities where risk of COVID-19 transmission is very low. They also list out some steps to continue the important work of abortion care while ensuring medical staff and clients safe from COVID-19, such as maximizing remote interactions, disinfecting surfaces, discussing post-abortion contraceptives, and being aware of the time sensitive nature of this work. In other countries, DKT is working to increase access to the abortion pill at a time when in-clinic services are being reduced.