April 2017
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How can you maintain control of your personal health information, yet still benefit from the support and knowledge available in social media and online health forums?
The first large-scale study of using testosterone to treat low energy, diminished sex drive, and increased moodiness in older men - "low T" in marketing jargon - was recently published.
Use these tips for safer outpatient surgery at an ambulatory surgery center.
If recent news reports piqued your interest in the new heart drug Repatha, here is critical information about its cost and effectiveness.
An article about the effectiveness of newer cancer drugs could help you choose among cancer treatment options. You'll also find information about cancer immunotherapy in the "Succinctly..." block of our January 2017 issue.
The prospect of testing to learn the cause of a miscarriage or stillbirth can be upsetting to grieving parents. However, the results may provide information critical to future pregnancies.
Snack wisely - if at all - before bedtime.

A recent research review compared the effectiveness of various treatments for gout, including drugs to prevent and treat attacks and self-care to prevent them. Reports written for lay persons and health care professionals are available.

Medical Tourism
Surgery in another country can be far less expensive than in the U.S., even when the cost of travel is factored in. This option is described in AARP's introduction to "medical tourism" and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers guidance. Advice on obtaining expensive dental care abroad is also located in the CDC page. 

Premature Ejaculation
Men who experience premature ejaculation may find this information and advice quite helpful. Complementary and alternative therapies, as described in this news article and the original research report, may be slightly beneficial.

Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke
After linking to a heart disease and stroke risk calculator, this article provides advice to help you evaluate whether a statin or blood pressure medication might be advisable.

Even if you take drugs, heart-healthy lifestyle choices remain vital to staying well.
Get Rid of Your Old Drugs
Do you have old medicines cluttering up your medicine cabinets and drawers? Now would be a great time to clear out your out-of-date pill bottles (and all unused opioids that could tempt a family member or visitor).

However, please don't flush them down the toilet or throw them in the trash: doing so causes environmental pollution. Finish your spring cleaning by participating in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Take-Back Day on April 29. Or use this locator to find drop-off sites that are open year-round.
Journalism Worth Reading

Explore major issues in American health care with these well-written, thought-provoking articles:   

Why are so very many people addicted to opioids now? In an insightful interview, a Stanford University researcher discusses factors that led to the current crisis and suggests ways to reduce opioid abuse.
We award lots of money, resources, and kudos to the episodic, "heroic medicine" of surgeons and high-tech specialists. Yet it is generalists - health care providers patiently working with us visit after visit - who are best positioned to help us live longer, healthier lives. In an eloquent and vigorous critique of our priorities, Atul Gawande calls on us to rebalance the ledger, giving more respect and resources to those who tend to our basic health needs.
After new research has shown a given drug or procedure is ineffective, or even harmful, many physicians persist in using the out-dated treatment. Explore why this happens by reading, or listening to, this in-depth article.

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