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An ESD and Flooring Expert
Over the course of the year, we cover SelecTech’s involvement with the ESD Association (ESDA) and our participation in the ESDA Symposium like the one coming up this month. If you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple:

  1. ESDA members are experts on a very important subject to SelecTech’s business—static electricity control.
  2. We take an active role in the Association and participate on ESDA's healthcare and flooring committees.

That essentially makes us ESD experts and flooring experts. You will not find a company in North America who can make that claim.

SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli is a speaker at the upcoming ESDA Symposium, Sept. 18-23 in Reno, Nevada. He’s also the chair of the flooring committee. That committee will soon publish guidelines for selecting ESD flooring.

So you see, when you work with SelecTech for your ESD flooring needs, you are working with a technical flooring expert on multiple fronts.

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SelecTech in the news
SelecTech was recently mentioned on Electronic Products & Technology for our SelecTile product. You can read the complete article by clicking below.
Automotive and Transportation
The use of electronics in the automotive industry is expanding at a tremendous rate as new systems are being added annually. These systems have to function properly to meet comfort and safety requirements, all while working in a mobile environment that is subjected to more stress than a typical electronic device. Failures in devices can have far-reaching impacts. Having a reliable ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical and often required by the end-users of the products being made.

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