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Lancer’s Driver Training Event was a three-session webinar designed to help professional motorcoach drivers increase their knowledge and improve their driving skills. Lancer granted GNJMA permission to share these recorded training sessions with our operator members. This came up on our recent GNJMA Safety & Risk Control Committee meeting. Thank you to our Gold Sponsor partner, Lancer Insurance!

Here are the sessions, and link to the recordings:

Session One: Pre-Trip Inspection, Following Distance, and Turning

Regional Manager Jeff Marley discusses inspection techniques to help ensure that your motorcoach is ready for service and free of defects; what you can do to help avoid getting in a rear-end collision with another vehicle; and useful and practical safety tips to help prevent accidents while turning. Watch the video.

Session Two: Customer Care and Passenger Safety, Technology, and Managing an Accident Scene

Regional Manager Dan Tomlinson provides suggestions for moving people safely and reliably while delivering a personal and positive experience; discusses how technology impacts today’s motorcoach drivers; and reviews what motorcoach drivers should do and not do when involved in a vehicular accident. Watch the video.

Session Three: Distractions, Fatigue, and Change Blindness

Vice President Bob Crescenzo examines common driving distractions and the challenges presented by pedestrians, bicyclists and motor scooters; the impact of sleep loss on drivers and strategies to help combat fatigue while on the road; and change blindness, the perceptual phenomenon that occurs when a driver misses something right before their eyes. Watch the video.

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