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This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating by sharing a guide you'll adore. New this month, Power/mation Motion Solutions Guide.

We're passionate about motion and providing you the most efficient solutions to meet your production demands. Begin exploring the Power/mation motion solutions to find how you can optimize your facility.

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IP69K Managed Ethernet Switches

Introducing Turck's IP69K rated managed switches for industrial ethernet. Now there is a faster, more secure, and more rugged solution than ever before to manage network performance and process control. An ethernet switch works as a central location for wired network devices on a wired ethernet network to communicate with each other. In an industrial environment, wired networks are typically preferred over wireless due to their reliability, speed, and consistency.

Watch the how-to video that showcases some of the key features of Turck’s new IP69K Managed Ethernet Switches.
B.R.A.I.N.S. – Power/mation's monthly blog with original content created by our in-house experts. This month: Rocco Fusco, Power/mation Business Development Manager for Logic Control Products shares an in-depth configuration of an Emerson VFD with a PAC controller over Profinet.

New! Wireless Call-for Parts-Kit

The Banner Wireless Call for Parts Kit is a productivity solution that reduces communication inefficiencies and increases process speeds using wireless touch buttons and operator interfaces. This solution allows for up to 35 workstations to call out to 12 forklifts/mobile responders using wireless K70 Touch Buttons, a DXM700 wireless controller, and wireless Direct Select Operator Interfaces. A self-contained solution that can run independently of a PLC, HMI, or other supervisory systems.

Explore the benefits:
AFS contactors for safety applications

Designed for machine safety applications, AFS contactors now complete ABB's safety component portfolio. With a range stretching from 9 A up to 750 A for motor starting applications and with a design complying with the latest safety standard, the AFS range of contactors is the given choice for any application that puts the users safety first.

Discover more:
NFPA 79 and Machine Safety

Is your equipment NFPA 79 (2018) compliant? Surge protection is now mandatory for safety and critical operations data systems in the USA. Ensure your equipment is ready with the Phoenix Contact VAL-US product line.

Learn more:
New! Extended range for the remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2

The Pilz PSSuniversal 2 is an open architecture remote I/O system for safety-related and non-safety-related digital, encoder and analog signals. With either Ethernet/IP W/CIP Safety or PROFINET/PROFIsafe head modules, the flexibility to mix safety and standard I/O for your decentralized system can be easily configured into an existing system architecture, such as Rockwell or Siemen host PLC's. New to the PSSu2 system is an IO Link Master module and analog I/O modules further expanding system capabilities.

Explore the solution:
Compact cylinder, double-acting ADN-S

Smaller systems yet greater performance. This balancing act is not a problem with the Festo compact cylinders ADN-S. They are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements. All thanks to the one-piece, compact housing. Read more.
i550 protec frequency inverters

If your machine requires a lot of space, has a modular design or the space in the control cabinet is limited, the universally applicable Lenze i550 protec is the ideal solution for a decentralized installation close to the motor. It is ideal for many applications such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, fan drives and pump systems. View the product.
NEW! Model LCX Draw Wire Solution

Encoder Products Company’s new LCX Series draw wire units work with EPC encoders to accurately measure position and provide motion feedback in motion control applications. The LCX Series of Draw Wire solution offers wire lengths from 1 to 42.5 meters in length. Learn more.
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February 16, 2021 | Live YouTube Event | Horner Automation Group: Remote I/O Configuration

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Control Techniques has released a new on-demand training course: PowerTools Studio. PowerTools Studio software is used to program with the latest Unidrive M700 and Digitax HD drives. Register for a training.
February Price Adjustments

February 1, 2021
Encoder Products Company | Inertia Dynamics | Mersen | Roxtec
February 2, 2021
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February 8, 2021
Leeson Electric
Future Price Adjustments

March 1, 2021
ABB/ Baldor-Reliance | Allied Moulded | Bodine Electric | Meltric
March 12, 2021
ABB Installation
March 29, 2021
Hammond Manufacturing
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