An Easter & Passover Greeting

As many of us begin to celebrate Easter and Passover Kay and I are reminded of all the joy and blessings we have received and want to share our thoughts and prayers with all of our family, friends and guests – so many of our guests have become such good friends I dislike making the distinction. Kay joins me in wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and a very Happy Passover or Sameach Pesach!
The Meaning of Passover

Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. It commemorates  the Biblical story of Exodus , when Hebrew slaves were released by God from bondage in Egypt. Called Pesach (pay-sak) in Hebrew, Passover is a celebration of freedom observed by Jews everywhere. Passover is marked by several carefully structured rituals taking place over the seven or eight days of the celebration.

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The Meaning of Easter

The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, if He had merely died and not been resurrected, He would have been considered just another teacher or Rabbi. However, His resurrection changed all that and gave final and irrefutable proof that He was really the Son of God and that He had conquered death once and for all. 

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All of our blessings,
Kay and Glenn  

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