It is truly interesting how our loved ones communicate to us from the other side. Recently I had a good example of my parents communicating to me from the spirit world. A friend sent me an Easter card and in it they had the video of the song "Here Comes Peter Cottontail." I had forgotten about this song long ago and how my parents would play that song for me when I was a little girl at Easter. The moment it started playing I started crying because of the memories that it brought back of a time when life was safe, secure, and filled with love.

It is their way of saying hello when I really needed it. Thank you Mama and Dad. You knew I was feeling alone and it was your way of letting me know I was still loved. You were the best parents anyone could ever have. I look forward to the day that we are reunited once again.

So many people write to me and want to know how to communicate with a deceased loved one. The way the departed communicate is quite different than what we are use to in this third dimension. So if you start looking at subtle messages, such as the one I received you might start seeing that you are being contacted by your loved one.

May you be blessed during this Holy Time of Year.

Easter blessings,
Cherokee Billie
Communication with a Deceased Loved One

Over the years I have developed many different ways of communicating with a deceased loved one. There is always the Traditional Channeling, but I like to take it a little further and one of my favorite methods is the Guided Journey Into Spirit. I also have available an Audio Mp3 Class where you can learn techniques to communicate with your loved one.

During this Special Holy Time it is easier to have a connection to the other side. There are certain times of the year were the spiritual veil thins and communication is easier.

If you need a personal one on one teaching or session I do that as well. Whatever you are looking for I'm here to help you. Contact Me

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