A 2021 end of year message from...

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Greetings Rabbit hOle faithful…

Over the years, we’ve depended on you not just for your financial support, but for your faith in the notion that we will succeed in creating something that no one has ever created before. That level of belief is humbling and has required a tremendous amount of imagination on your part. It’s a powerful thing to consider, the millions of dollars and the thousands of dreams within them that have brought us to this moment. 

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And in this moment we are happy to say that the magic of The Rabbit hOle is taking shape as the exhibits we’ve imagined together for so many years are now coming to life in the world’s first Explor-a-Storium! We’re closing in on the final touches to The Fire Cat, The Funny Thing and My Father’s Dragon. Perez & Martina, Sam & the Tigers and Caps for Sale are all in progress. John Steptoe’s Uptown and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters are in the offing, along with Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel and the Great Green Room from Goodnight Moon. Construction of the Magic Tree, Fox Rabbit’s Burrow and the Grotto will begin in the new year on the heels of our next wave of artist hires. And the final phase of building renovations will begin before year’s end.


This year, with help from our friends, Linda Sue Park and Chris Raschka, we remind ourselves what lies behind this grand task to create a living culture around books - the why and the what for. Their beautiful words and images lend further credence and add a new facet to our mission: to nourish, empower and inspire the reading lives of young people “so the words live inside them, flower and spark, for the rest of their years.”

Right now, and into 2022, we need your support more than ever before. That’s a humdrum fundraising cliché, but we are now in fact coming into the home stretch. This time we’re not asking you to imagine, we’re asking you to see for yourself and to help us finish what we started so long ago, together. 

With warm regards and many thanks,

Pete + Deb

P.S. - if you have already made a contribution, please accept our hearty thanks!


Visit rabbitholekc.org/ways-of-giving for giving options 


919 E. 14th Ave. North Kansas City, MO 64116 


Contact Pete Cowdin, Bitterman@rabbitholekc.org, to talk about grant-making opportunities. 

Linda Sue Park is the author of many books for young readers, including the 2002 Newbery Medal winner A Single Shard and the New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water. Her most recent title is The One Thing

You'd Save. She spends time on equity/inclusion work for We Need Diverse Books and the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. She is also on The Rabbit hOle’s Advisory Committee. 

Chris Raschka is a two-time Caldecott Medal winning author and illustrator with more than 50 books to his credit, including A Ball For Daisy, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, Fortune Cookies, and The Hello, Goodbye Window. In 2012, he was the U.S. nominee for

the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal.