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Knowing the formula for a truly luscious life is such a gift! To be able to experiment with rhythms of energy to the degree that our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude is also an incredible gift!  To be alive right here right now is another precious gift as we witness the grandest time in our evolutionary history!
   It is a wonderful time to be on Earth as we witness old patterns being re-balanced by the will of our souls and the call of our hearts to collectively enjoy a different rhythm in our world.
   It is up to us as we all know, to find the peace and feel the love, to enjoy the peace, the love, the perfection and to enjoy that pattern of pure unity that we carry within us that is already here in our world, that we just need to tune deeper in to by following the call of our hearts. 
   There are so many gifts in our daily existence, so many opportunities each and every day to choose how we wish to experience this life ...
   There are so many precious moments to live and love fully, to open to Grace and miracles and magic, to unify and love unconditionally or to be able to ask quantum intelligence to teach us how to do this! In all of this we are truly blessed.
   Although I am now technically on long service leave - after 22 years of constant travel and dedicated service to humanity's evolution - and although I am still learning how to be creative in a different way (i.e. more self nurturing), the current state of global change has led to the creation of our new World Affairs video playlist for our YouTube channel.
   Yet the message is, relax, just trust, all is unfolding as it should for we are entering into the most enlightened phase of evolution where all will be rebalanced!
   For those who find this time challenging, you may enjoy all the videos we have lodged this July and August and you can see the links to these below, along with a new article on Patterns of Energy. You may also enjoy as I did, the video on responding to Global Tragedy by Matt Kahn at this link
Wishing you all so much love, light and
barrels of laughter as you
consciously traverse this path called life!
Biggest hugs to you all - Jasmuheen and Anjie ...

Just as I completed recording the below article on Patterns of Energy, using the analogy of ourselves as trees being blown by the winds of change, a buzz saw started up and began to decimate the eco-system of a dozen or more beautiful 200 year old, 40 metre high, gum trees that were on the empty block of land beside my home. This decimation with its ear splitting noise continued for three and a half days and as a sensitive I felt such sadness to see these ancient trees cut down and reduced to dust, while also knowing it was another opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons so to speak.
Suddenly my own home was filled with winter sunlight, warming rooms that had been cold due to the shading that these trees always provided, and bringing sunlight to my verandah so new type of flowers, like daisy's, could be grown.
There was no way to stop what was happening as my neighbor who owns the block had had a heart attack and needed to sell his land, but no one could envision what could be built there as all they saw were trees. Now a beautiful view down the valley can be seen, now a new eco-system can grow, and soon, someone will buy the land and build a home to dwell in and plant a new garden that sunlight and love will nurture.

The winds of change always bring to us the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons!

   It is so interesting to watch the different patterns of energy that we are now being called to step deeper into.
   Some people are more active than ever before in global affairs and just the general busy'ness of life.
   Some are standing back and assessing exactly how they are spending their time, what they are giving their energy towards and if it really makes their heart sing, while others are letting go of old habits, or ways of being that somehow just no longer feel right in their heart.
   As we all change so do our energy emanations and so does our world ...  
   We know now that this new pattern of energy, that is revealing itself on Earth now, has more to do with our feeling nature rather than the realm of mental analysis and thought.  
   Things either feel right intuitively or they don't and if they don't, then we are being intuitively guided to step back, be still.   
   We are also sensing to follow more of the intuitive call of our heart and yes for many, this call is also taking us into more reflective times, silent, watching, being the witness while understanding that our personal energy emanations are still adding to the whole.
   Many of us have watched global situations unfolding, with old patterns of energy rising and coming up for assessment, bringing to us the constant choice of whether we wish to be indignant or afraid, or worried, or talkative, giving an opinion on everything that is, or whether we are deep enough in a higher understanding, where we can trust, relax and know that what is arising is just coming up for release or rebalance, to then be morphed into the new, merged with something that we have called into being from the prayers of our psychic heart ...

In this new playlist in 2016, Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen will share positive and pragmatic insights on Global changes and World Affairs so that our evolution from this point on can be uplifting and beneficial for all. This playlist may also include video insights from others that are helpful in these changing times.
Bookmark this link and playlist as we will be uploading more!


A video of introduction from Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace on the new World Affairs playlist with its focus on a positive and uplifting evolution.
To watch click here ...


In this brief video for the World Affairs playlist from the Embassy of Peace, Jasmuheen looks at the path, and coding, for an enlightened evolution, for those who are open to a peaceful and harmonious existence on Earth. Click to watch!

In this brief video Jasmuheen discusses Quantum Field Coding for clarity and commitment to harmonious co-existence at this time of a crossroads of greater global choice - by the Embassy of Peace for the World Affairs playlist. To watch this now click here.


In this brief video Jasmuheen shares on the three main laws that those in unified realms live by. Applying them in our own lives allows us to merge with and experience realms of great harmony and love. To watch this click here ...

A fun, one minute video on our powerful luscious lifestyles program! Book and audio series on this lifestyle coming soon!
To watch click here!

You may also wish to do our New World Vision Meditation.

A longer discourse with Jasmuheen on the science of personal and global health and harmony from a metaphysical quantum level. This 38 minute talk is only for those sincerely interested in this topic. Offered as part of the World Affairs series of the Embassy of Peace for harmonious and enlightened evolution.
Click to watch/listen now ....

So good to see what science is finding ...
  1. Scientists Confirm That Reality is an Illusion Our 3D Universe Is A Hologram - so interesting how science in understanding more of metaphysical thought and experience! Click to watch now!
  2. New BBC Documentary released in 2015. An introduction to the most modern astronomy's most important questions. The four sections of the course are Planets and Life in The Universe; The Life of Stars; Galaxies and Their Environments; The History of The Universe. To watch ...

New Crop circles! 

  1. Loved seeing the latest crop circles as well! Here is the one at Cley Hill Wiltshire UK;
  2. plus a new one at West Kennet at Wiltshire
  3. plus of course there was a new one near Mammendorf, Munich!