Dear members and friends of All Souls,

I have exciting news for you! All Souls is going to take our act on the road, via me driving around the country in my 2017 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. I will be SUV- RVing, staying in my jeep either on BLM or National Forest land doing dispersed camping, or in parking lots of UU churches or rest areas along the way!
I spoke about this in my message on Sunday, September 6, which you can view here, but here is an excerpt from my message:
I envision this as a time when the horizon of All Souls --who we are, who we can reach, how we can change the world—expands to well beyond our beloved building, our local communities and the work that calls to us here.
Just think if we got how we can influence the lives and communities of people we have never before met? Just think if we got acquainted in a personal way with the beauty of our natural resources beyond the boundaries of our gorgeous state?
It wont’ be luxury travel or staying in posh hotels; it will be dispersed camping for the most part, which is free on BLM and National Forest lands, as well as, maybe, UU church parking lots across the country.
The Board of Trustees gave an enthusiastic, unanimous endorsement of this plan and I will be hitting the road late September. Of course, I will be blogging about my adventures along the way and will be choosing locations to speak from on Sunday mornings, that fit with that week’s, or that month’s theme. You might want to subscribe to my blog, here, so you won’t miss any posts.
Also, to be clear, this will be done on my dime; the church won’t be responsible for anything outside of specific trips I might make to represent All Souls at rallies, protests or other events.
I hope you’ll join me as I take All Souls to the nation! And bring the nation to All Souls.
As I also said in my sermon on Sunday,
Beloved, All Souls is not waiting in a holding pattern for life to get back to normal, nor are we content to exist in a shrinking reality. All Souls is going on the road! In a time when it seems as if our horizon is limited to speaker or gallery view, we are going on world view.
Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you. If you’d like to help contribute to getting the gear I need for this trip, here is a link to my SUV RVing wish list. Note: the link is on Amazon, but you can purchase the items anywhere. If, however, you don’t purchase through Amazon, be sure to let me know so that I can mark the item as purchased. You can filter by price or priority.
Much Love,

PS Here is a link to the blog that inspired me to undertake this adventure!

From the Board President, Justin Lincoln
As you’ve heard from her, Rev. Nori is going to take our act on the road and share the power and light and love of All Souls.
In this time of COVID-19, we've already expanded the boundaries of how we had grown to understand "church" in the past. Now it’s time for the next step in that process. The Board is excited about the possibilities of this bold, new approach to being church. We may be able to only see one another on Zoom now, but there’s no reason why we can’t take in the world, or at least parts of our country, and invited them into our community of All Souls.

With love and appreciation,
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