October 31, 2020
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Celestial Greetings!

Autumn is about half over. Halloween (All Hallows Eve) was one of four "cross-quarter" holidays, midway between the "quarters," which are the equinoxes and solstices dividing the year into four seasons. Halloween is not precisely halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice (November 7 is more accurate) but it's close enough. We begin to go into the darkest time of the year, when nights are much longer than days here in the northern hemisphere. We'll really feel the shift when we turn our clocks back this weekend! The good news is we get an extra hour to enjoy Halloween, which this year is on a Saturday and at a Full Moon! And that's not all that's exceptional about this Halloween.
What are the planets up to?

The Full Moon conjunct Uranus brings a crazy time of surprises and unpredictability!
Uranus multihue blue
Right now, the right conditions exist to see Uranus with your naked eye, which almost never happens. On Halloween night, look to the right of the Full Moon, a bit beyond its bright halo. Uranus is tiny but visible.
Uranus has been moving through Taurus since 2018 and this is the third time we're having a Full Moon within one degree of Uranus. The first was October 24, 2018 and the second was October 27, 2019. There will be a fourth on November 8, 2022. And there's a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, 2021 opposite Uranus. No other New or Full Moons connect as directly with Uranus during the time it travels through Taurus, into 2026. So this is pretty special.

What's even more extraordinary is having a Full Moon on Halloween. Checking over the course of three centuries, this only occurs ten times (three percent of the time): 1906, 1925, 1944, 2020, 2039, 2058, 2077, 2096, 2107 and 2126. Of these, ONLY TWO ARE ON A SATURDAY: 1925 and 2020. So this is truly a rare Full Moon, much more rare than a “blue moon,” no matter which way you define that.

Many people think this is a “blue moon,” being the second full moon in a calendar month. That definition is a misconception dating back to an error in an astronomy magazine in 1946. The original term is more complex. When a season of three months (ordinarily having three full moons) had a fourth, the third was not called the usual name for that season’s third Full Moon but instead called a “belewe” moon, from a term for “betrayer,” because it upset the normal order. Since full moons are no longer called particular names according to their season, the other usage was easier to understand and it stuck. The next true "belewe" moon will be on August 22, 2021, the third in the summer season with four full moons: 6/24, 7/23, 8/22 and 9/20.

As unique as this Full Moon is, it’s the perfect time to tune in to your own uniqueness. Uranus is the planet of doing your own thing and Taurus is the sign of what we value. Treasure what makes you different. This Full Moon is a great time to march to the beat of your own drummer.

While you can certainly utilize this energy in a positive way in your life, there are difficulties all around us signaled by the planets. Taurus is associated with money and the opposite sign, Scorpio, where the Sun is now traveling, is related to investments and the markets. Uranus is known for its ups and downs, and we’re seeing a lot of market volatility now. This planet is also famous for unpredictability, which the markets hate. This Full Moon might mark an extreme, or it could usher in a very bumpy period. Pluto, ruling planet of Scorpio, is joined for a third and final time by expansive Jupiter on November 12, likely to coincide with big changes and market movements. The pandemic is also associated with this year’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (exact earlier on April 4 and June 29). Jupiter points to global matters and big issues; Pluto rules viruses and death. Many astrologers (including me) expected a surge in COVID-19 cases this fall, although it didn’t have to be this way if enough people had been willing to make significant changes in their lives and habits. Jupiter and Pluto combined at their best can bring about a big positive transformation.

A look back in history at prior Mars retrogrades in Aries gives us some hints as to what we might expect this time around. Current special planet patterns are discussed, as well.

ALSO, see the article "A Look at Mars Retrograde From Two Angles," co-authored by Vedic Astrologer Usha Kumar and Janet Booth, from the Western astrology point of view, in the Reading Room of the Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc. (look alphabetically under K for Kumar).
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