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An Eye for Trees: Images Inspired by Thoreau’s Way of Seeing Trees
Photographs by Richard Higgins

This exhibit is inspired by Thoreau’s way of seeing trees, which combined keen observation, poetic insight and a passion for their beauty. I mainly photograph common local trees, the same kinds of trees Thoreau saw everyday. If there’s an artistic aesthetic here, it’s seeing beauty in the ordinary—a skill Thoreau developed to a high degree. We only see when we look, he said, and he was ever looking to discern the expressions, beauty and character of trees. Thoreau had a deep knowledge of trees, but he also sought to see trees anew. My eye is strictly that of an amateur, but since “amateur” is from the French amour, to love, it was my great guide in these photographs. — Richard Higgins

Richard Higgins was scheduled to exhibit his photographs in the Library Meeting Room Gallery during the months of March and April. As the library has been closed during much of that time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Higgins has allowed the library to bring his exhibition online. Enjoy!

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