November 2022
Christian Camping International Announces Appointment of new Chief Executive
The CCI Worldwide Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the appointment of Bill Fernald as the next Chief Executive of CCI. Bill brings a lifetime of service to Christian camping, having served for 27 years at Mount Hermon Camp and Conference Center in Felton, California, USA. In recent years, he has experienced Christian camping around the world, having traveled to India, Ukraine, China and Albania in service to Christian camping leaders there. 

Bill will begin transitioning into this role in February 2023 and will assume full leadership of CCI Worldwide in April at the Global Gathering in the Netherlands. Interim Chief Executive Norman Doney will remain in his current role until that time.

CCI Worldwide is an alliance of 27 Associations supporting Christian camp, conference, retreat and adventure experiences in 70 countries. CCI Associations train over 12,000 camp leaders each year, enlisting 400,000 volunteers and serving almost 13,000,000 campers and guests annually. 

The mission of CCI WW is to promote and support Christian camping throughout the world, as a means of serving the Church to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
 Message from CCI Board Chair Gregg Hunter
It has been a blessing and a privilege to watch God work throughout the search process over the past several months, and we are grateful for His direction in selecting Bill Fernald as the next Chief Executive of CCI. I appreciate very much the work of search committee members Muhia Karianjahi and Judith Lewis, with the support of Emily Barnes, to present qualified candidates to the full board. Please join us in thanking God for Bill’s appointment to this role, and in praying for him as he assumes this important position.

Also, the board continues to express gratitude for the stellar leadership of Norman Doney in his interim Chief Executive role. He has done a wonderful job moving CCI forward according to its strategic plan in this season. We appreciate Norman’s wise and skilled guidance of CCI Worldwide at this time.

Gregg Hunter
Search Committee Chair & CCI Worldwide Board Chair
 Message from Bill Fernald
My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement as I join CCI as Chief Executive to support and promote Christian camping worldwide. I am humbled to be invited to serve in this vital role, especially for a time such as this. The thirst of the soul is as great as ever throughout the world, and camps are providing the "good news" about Jesus that satisfies this deep need. The opportunity to know, support, and serve you in your calling to bring hope to a thirsty world is a great honor and privilege. 

My wife Patrice and I have served in Christian camping for over thirty years in California, USA, and we feel as energized and committed to God's mission as we ever have. With our teenage son Landon, we are stepping out as a family into the wide open to follow God and to join you as friends in bringing hope to the world.