At 9AM on October 11, Tom DeLonge's To the Stars will host a live streaming event that, it is hoped, will take the UFO/ET debate to a new level. The participants are people with genuine inside information, most of whom have never spoken out before.

The event was planned for last October, but was called off when a number of sensitive names were revealed by WikiLeaks. This time, the event will feature Hal Puthoff, a longtime director of CIA/DOD and DIA research programs, Jim Semivan, former Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA Directorate of Intelligence, Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Steve Justice, former Advanced Systems Director at Lockheed's "Skunk Works" and Luis Elizondo, former Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats.

Peter Levenda, who co-authored Sekret Machines with Mr. DeLonge and has been involved from the beginning in this effort, will be on Dreamland this weekend to discuss the event.

The event has been years in the making, and will hopefully move the longstanding scientific effort to understand the UFO/ET phenomenon into the mainstream of academic and scientific culture where fresh thinking will bring exciting progress.

I know that many of you, like me, are close encounter witnesses. I can assure you that efforts are also being made on our behalf, and when there is some definite progress, a similar event will be held discussing our situation and, as far as possible, bringing knowledge about what happens to us and what it means into the public forum, at last absent the dismissive ridicule that we have endured for so long.

I have known many of the people involved in this effort for years, and they have always been forthcoming to me and eager to get my input. While I do not know Tom, I have enormous respect for the effort he has made, and for the people who are involved, both those who are entering the public dialogue and those who are not.

Read Leslie Kean's story about the event here.

The event will stream starting at 9AM Pacific from the To the Stars Academy website tomorrow. It is free. Click here to listen and watch.

There will also be a story about the event posted in the news area of tomorrow, and subscribers are invited to comment.
I love each of you and all of you very much, and hope and pray that some progress is made here, to the world's benefit and eventually also to ours.

God bless,