Dear DuPage Pads Community,
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and our concern for the health and safety of our volunteers and congregations, all of our overnight shelter sites are now closed.

This decision to close is not taken lightly. We have taken these deliberate measures in accordance with directives of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the DuPage County Health Department.

We are working to navigate our current clients to alternative stable housing options indefinitely. Elderly clients with chronic health conditions, who are most at risk with serious health problems, are being assisted to stay at motels/hotels. Our staff is keeping in touch with these people daily to make sure they have food and basic needs.

For other clients, we are working tirelessly to ensure every client has a temporary housing plan in place though our respite/recuperation program, family reunification and other services available in our area.

All scheduled client services are cancelled, until further notice, at our daytime Client Service Center (703 W. Liberty) and our Career Employment Solutions building (705 W. Liberty) and both buildings are closed.

However, our Client Service Center staff will still be taking phone calls from our clients and help problem-solve with clients this weekend and during the week to help them develop plans for having alternative housing during this time.

For tenants in our 127 apartments in Supportive Housing, 9 apartments in the Tenant- Based Rental Assistance program and 11 apartments in the Housing NOW program, our staff is checking-in by phone on a regular basis to ensure tenants’ good health and understanding of this virus while assessing their needs.

As we face this community crisis, we are working together with volunteers, DuPage County Health Department, other health officials, City officials, DuPage County leadership and generous donors to make sure the most effective response is provided for the safety, health and protection of those we serve.

Many of you have asked how you can help during this difficult time. We will be continuing to update the needs list posted to our website and social media reflecting only the items we can accept at this time, and how to safely donate them.

For now, we ask everyone to continually check our website and social media for the most up-to-date information regarding support, donation needs and additional details in response to this emergency:

As you can imagine during this unprecedented time, we have incurred unexpected expenses. We now have an Emergency Response Fund to help us maintain shelter, food, and essential services to our clients. To learn more, or to donate now, please visit:

We believe in our community and know what we can accomplish when faced with incredible challenges. As you well know, these are unprecedented times and as a community, and a country, we will all need to pull together to get through this crisis. We will remain committed during this crisis to continue to serve and provide support for our most vulnerable.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to you, our many sites, supporters, donors and volunteers for the continued commitment and resolve you provide to end homelessness here in DuPage County

Carol Simler
President and CEO