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The DC Chamber is sharing a message from our Board Member H.H.Leonards, Founder of
O Museum in the Mansion
Oil Painting: “Together Again — Not Yet . . ." by Kalle
Exhibit opening at O Museum in The Mansion Fall 2020
Why We Fly, Together

It is during the periods of our worst suffering that cause us to fly in the same direction and be brought, together.
The bad times -- and we've all had our share -- are almost invariably the places where I've learned crucial lessons. In fact, I'd say that the bad parts (a setback professionally and/or personal) should be embraced more. Even though you really don't feel like that when you are suffering, or feel badly.
After a while, we begin to see how positive things  can  come out of the bad, which allows us to understand the pain that we've endured.
You learn to accept that one day you'll be famous, the next day infamous. One day you'll be rich, the next day poor. One day people will think you're great, the next day they'll think you're not so great. This is just the stuff of life.
Then one day, a light bulb goes on inside your soul, and you realize you are not alone, that life is ever changing, and not always in your control.
What makes you stronger and wiser are the lessons you learn along the way. This is how you learn to be grateful for what you have, and what is.
The way I see it, life is about growth, struggle, and trying to expand your love of self -- and in this process, a deeper love of others. 
I'm ready to fly again. Join me. 
H.H. Leonards
Founder, The O Museum in the Mansion
Home of The Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute
(The only organization founded and endorsed by Mrs. Rosa Parks)
Thank you to all the heroes, medical staff, first responders and volunteers working on the front lines to keep us all safe. We pray for you and your families every day. 
Holiday Blessings!
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We're looking forward to when we can finally be together
— but in the mean time enjoy some "Virtual O"
Photo: Gene Jagers
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