Each and every dollar that is donated to this important work is an answer to many prayers. Earning and maintaining your trust and confidence in the donation process is one of our highest priorities as leaders of this ministry. We have some good news to share and want to ask for your patience during an important transition.

For the last two years, the administrative leadership of ELI USA has been looking for ways to improve the donation process. We are very excited to share that we are coming around the last corner in launching a system that will give you:

  • Complete access 24/7 to your giving records
  • Ability to make changes to your payment preferences
  • A special portal where you can customize communication that you both give and receive through ELI

If you sponsor a child, imagine being able to send and receive letters (and in time even short videos) to and from the child you sponsor from your computer or phone! That is now almost possible.

I say “almost” because we have one more step to go: moving over all of the recurring giving schedules from our old system into the new one. This final part will be completed over the next couple weeks, and we want to ensure you that the whole process is entirely secure.

Here’s how this change will temporarily impact the normal giving process:

  • If you have donations that are “scheduled” to recur each month: The automatic charge or debit will be on hold until all of the data moves to the new system. Once this is completed (around a week or so), the hold period will end and the normal payment schedule will resume, which might mean that two donations could end up being processed closer together than usual.

  • For those who donate by physical checks: ELI will hold your check and deposit it after all of the data is transferred to our new platform. We anticipate this taking around a week.

There is nothing that you need to do differently, other than knowing that the charge to your account or date of deposit will be off schedule just this one time while we are making the transition. We are grateful for your patience and would not make any kind of change like this unless we knew that this would improve the benefits to you as our valued partner, increase our ability to communicate with you, and help us handle all donations more effectively with greater transparency.

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at  or call 909.931.1311.

We’re excited to share more of the benefits to the new system soon and appreciate your confidence and continued support as we work together to help thousands crush poverty, embrace Christ, and share their transformation with others.

It is a privilege to empower lives together.

With sincere gratitude,

Ron Higgins
ELI USA Board Chairman