Dear JKHA/RKYHS Community,

As we embark on a much-deserved vacation, let me offer a few thoughts:

Our entire community — even beyond our school peers and colleagues — benefited because you have cared for one another. JKHA/RKYHS parents and students have been very compliant and respectful of the COVID protocols. By self testing and self reporting you have all demonstrated responsibility to the community and we are very grateful to you for keeping our community safe. 

We are also deeply grateful to our faculty and staff. While the pandemic battered us with another wave, our teachers and staff have demonstrated great resilience and inner strength. We have tried to maintain normalcy in our routines even during these irregular times. Teachers have done all they could to provide stability and consistency for students during these challenging weeks. And, most importantly, learning has gone on unabated. We cannot thank them enough.

We will screen our school population when we return from vacation on January 31. 

I wish everyone a restful, relaxing, and refreshing vacation with time to rejuvenate and renew our energies. 

Sincerely yours,
Eliezer E. Rubin