Dear Emma Willard Alumnae,

I thank all of you who have sent advice and support over the past months. The well-being of our students, present and past, is of primary importance to us all. As promised in our communications this summer, we are committed to leading the work to change the conversation and the culture regarding the issue of sexual abuse at preparatory schools.
We are re-examining and strengthening our policies, procedures and curricula, to foster a culture that promotes open dialogue, respect and safety. Our goal today and looking ahead is to be relentless and thorough in taking steps to prevent and eradicate abuse from our school.

Today the Board wants to share with you this overview of work taking place to make our campus safer. While some efforts were undertaken throughout the past years, and others as recent as this summer, we all acknowledge that this journey will take time. Changing a culture, a perception of what is acceptable and what is not, demands ongoing evaluation and revisions. Today we redouble our commitment.

We remain dedicated to keeping our community up to date on our actions and our plans. We strive for our alumnae to feel proud of their institution, and we look forward to continuing this conversation with you over the coming months.


Susie Hunter '68
Chair-Elect, Board of Trustees
Head of the Search Committee