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Important Message from the Bureau of Certification Regarding Clearances and the Coronavirus  


The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) Bureau of Certification wants to clarify the responsibility of child care providers as it relates to confirming clearances for EITA, the Pennsylvania Key, therapists, OCDEL staff or staff employed by other OCDEL business partners that may enter the child care center.
Child care programs are responsible for verifying that employees and volunteers working directly with children within their organization have the appropriate clearances and qualifications.
The Child Protective Services Law does not require child care providers to ensure that Early Intervention staff, Program Quality Assessors, IECMH Consultants, or other professionals that work within a program have appropriate clearances and thus it is unnecessary to require these staff to present clearances to gain access to staff or children.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has stated there are no reported cases of the coronavirus in the commonwealth.
Due to close interpersonal contact, shared toys and limited ability of young children to understand or practice respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene it is important that caregivers follow regulatory requirements regarding hand washing, sanitizing and diapering to combat the spread of viruses in child care facilities

Are you following the regulations in your facility?

  • A staff person shall ensure that a child’s hands are washed before meals and snacks, after toileting and after being diapered. (see 55 Pa. Code §3270.134(a), §3280.134(a) and §3290.134(a), relating to child hygiene)).

  • A facility person shall wash his hands before meals and snacks, and after toileting and after diapering a child. (see 55 Pa. Code §3270.152, 3280.152 and 3290.152, relating to adult hygiene).

See the Announcement regarding the Use of Hand Sanitizers in Early Childhood Programs for information pertaining to when the use of hand sanitizers is permitted.

  • Diaper changing surfaces shall be cleaned after each use by wiping the surface with a sanitizing solution or by changing a pad or other surface covering. (See 55 Pa. Code §3270.135(b), §3280.135(b) and §3290.135(b), relating to diapering requirements.)

  • Toys soiled by secretion or excretion shall be cleaned with soap, rinsed and sanitized before being used by a child. (See 55 Pa. Code §3270.102(b), §3280.102(b) and §3290.102(b), relating to condition of play equipment.)

Refer to the fact sheet from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) for information regarding the coronavirus.
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