January 2018
Dear Community,

I sincerely hope the holiday season provided the opportunity for everyone to spend time with family and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. As we approach the end of the Fall Semester, January is a good time for us to reflect upon our collective work thus far to support our students in preparing for the work ahead.
In the past year, our school district has witnessed a wide variety of student accomplishments. Our students have shown both growth and excellence in academics, performing arts, practical arts, and athletics in a manner that should make our community extremely proud. Many individual and team performances within the past year continue to build and transform the level of excellence in our students. There are wonderful things happening in IUSD that are worth repeating. Our community partners are working closely with us to develop viable pathways for students to gain real life learning in STEAM and robotics. We have opened our first 6th grade academy at Monroe STEM Middle School, which is the first phase of the re-imaging initiatives currently underway in IUSD.
On January 19th, we end our first semester with great pride. I am happy to report the students from our high schools are already receiving thousands of dollars in scholarships to attend some of the most prestigious colleges around the country. This is happening due to the collaborative work of the students, parents and teachers who are tirelessly committed to ensuring the success of our students. Furthermore, not only is our goal to closely monitor the quality of teaching and learning, but to also focus on developing the whole child. As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I am reminded of his philosophy on education. Dr. King says " THE FUNCTION OF EDUCATION IS TO TEACH ONE TO THINK INTENSIVELY AND THINK CRITICALLY. INTELLIGENCE PLUS CHARACTER – THAT IS THE GOAL OF TRUE EDUCATION."
With the arrival of 2018, we are moving into Phase II of our strategic planning process, which began last fall with a series of Community Input Sessions. Our plan is being developed with the many voices of parents, teachers, and students, along with Board and community members who came together to lend their ideas. Our intent is that our District stakeholders are involved in the Strategic Planning process to give shared meaning and ownership of the final plan for our students’ success. Additionally, as we forge ahead with the goal of making IUSD The premier District of Choice, we value the accomplishments of our School Board and employees and are grateful to them for their long time commitment to IUSD students. We appreciate and honor everyone’s hard work, dedication and time. As we shift into the second semester of the school year, know that IUSD is in a good place and moving in the right direction. I am confident that as we work together and support one another great things await us in 2018.

Thank you for your support.


Dr. Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana