March 2018
Dear IUSD Community,

March is Women’s History month. This is a time to celebrate the many accomplishments and contributions of women around the world. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the strength and courage of students like, Emma Gonzales, who in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida last month did something. She demanded that gun laws be changed to protect America’s schools. Bravo to this budding young champion of change and shero for her courage and light.

I am also proud of our IUSD students who are organizing to stand with the rest of the nation’s high schools on March 14, 2018 to say, “Enough.” IUSD is supporting the national “Peace March” activities by proactively providing our teachers and principals with tools and tip sheets from the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) designed to assist students in planning respectful, structured and peaceful activities. Please contact your student’s principal to learn more about what is being planned at their schools. From Columbine and Sandy Hook to Parkland High School we must all do whatever we can to make sure that these students did not die in vain.

Furthermore, a secure and safe learning environment is our number one priority for students and staff. Therefore, in an effort to continually improve our school safety procedures, the district’s Safety Committee is working with the IUSD Police Department, principals and our partners in the City of Inglewood to review and refine our schools’ safety protocols. Remember that we cannot do this work alone so, if you see something suspicious; say something to an adult staff member, police or other safety officers. And, if you have not already done so, please ensure that your student’s Emergency card information is up-to-date.

We ended the month of February with a final meeting of the Core Team’s Phase One work of IUSD’s new Five-Year Strategic Plan. IUSD stakeholders have identified four anchor pillars that will guide and frame our work moving forward:

  1. Rigorous, culturally responsive teaching and learning,
  2. Strong relationships with families and community
  3. Effective teacher, effective leader
  4. Data informed, effective and efficient systems

I want to personally thank all of you who participated in this strategic planning process designed to help IUSD shape our collective vision, goals and roadmap. This month, the next phase of our Strategic Plan development work goes to the Ed Services Department. They have formed an Instructional Effectiveness Team to review and utilize the inputs from the community forums to determine how best to organize and improve the effectiveness of instruction, as well as identifying specific educational programs and practices for improving instruction. We will keep you updated on future meeting outcomes.

I just love our Classified Staff! During the Week of March 13-17 th , we honor and celebrate the work of our incredible classified staff. These valuable employees help IUSD students thrive in many ways. Children need caring adults around them and we pride ourselves in having staff who strive to make our schools supportive and nurturing learning environments. From friendly greeters at drop off and pick-up points to providing healthy, nourishing meals and keeping our schools clean and safe, our classified staff step up each and every day. We appreciate their support of our students and families. Please take a moment next week to thank our classified employees for their fine work.

On Wednesday, March 14 th , during our regularly scheduled board meeting, the Second Interim Financial Report will be presented. As we strive to build a culture of accountability and respect, I encourage you to attend this meeting to receive an update on the districts’ budget. I also invite you to participate in the 2018-19 LCAP planning process. School site principals have information on their local budget development and planning process. Help us make our schools stronger. Your input and recommendations are invaluable and welcome.

Thank you.

Dr. Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana