February 2018
Dear IUSD Community,
In recognition of Black History Month, at the February 7 th School Board meeting, we proudly recognized the contributions and accomplishments of Greek organizations at historically Black Colleges and Universities. Affectionately known as the “Divine Nine", these incredible African American fraternity and sororities have made significant contributions to our country and the world, for more than a century. From Dr. Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall, to Shirley Chisholm and Toni Morrison, their contributions to the very fabric of America cannot be trivialized. We are fortunate to have staff and school board leaders who are members of these organizations that are living up to the responsibility and legacy of the Divine Nine. We salute its legacy and recognize the dedication and continued commitment that our Black Greek staff brings with them to our schools each and every day.

As we enter Phase 2 of IUSD’s Strategic Planning process, there are many lessons we can take away from the Divine Nine. We engage in cooperative endeavors to support improved outcomes for a community. In IUSD, we are, utilizing the input from last fall’s community forums and the Core Strategic Planning Team. Both groups, are working together with a common vision and purpose to help shape best practices to improve outcomes for our students.  If we are to become a world-class school district of choice our foundation must be strong. Our Strategic Priorities will define explicit strategies and action steps for improving the effectiveness of our educational programs and services; including our interactions with Inglewood's diverse stakeholders. Additionally, building from the foundation, established by our Core Planning Team, we have a group of educators focused on the Instructional Effectiveness of the districts core mission.

We are moving to a District-Wide, Strategic, and Educational Vision that supports student learning and drives our program and facilities development. Having a vision with everyone working collectively toward the same goal is key to student success and returning the district back to local control.

Thank you for your continued support of IUSD student success. 

Dr. Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana