Update: New Shepherdstown Public Library Project Is Underway!

Shepherdstown, WV –We are thrilled to announce that the site work for the new library is making great headway. Kinsley Construction has been moving earth since November with only one delay due to the snow and has com-pleted more than 25% of their work.

As many of you may know, the bids for the building came in with significantly higher costs than expected. Even though we surpassed our fundraising goal and reached a total of over $3.9 million, due to the unforeseen combination of COVID-19 disrupting supply chains and the devastating hurricanes of last season, the bid amounts exceeded our budget.

Our architect proposed to redesign the library as a one-story building (pictured above) without sacrificing our ability to meet the needs of the community. By eliminating stairwells, elevator and associated machinery, duplicate lobby space and walkways, and extending the footprint somewhat, we are able to keep the activities that we had planned. We look forward to getting started with the bidding process for the new design. We will keep you informed via our newsletter “The Circulation Desk” and our other media outlets - please feel free to call the library director any time to get an update.

We are ever grateful to our amazing donors and our supportive community for your generosity and patience. We are more committed than ever to providing a modern and exceptional library for our community, and we can’t wait to welcome you in!