An Important Note From Tom
Dear Friends,

After 3 ½ years of service to our church and community, Zach has shared with me that the time has come for he, Lydia, and their family to head back to Colorado. Zach's last day at our church will be June 30th, and we are hoping in the coming weeks - Covid-19 cooperating - to offer them a proper Community Church send off before they return to their Rocky Mountain home.
During Zach's time at the Community Church he created and developed the Community Contemplation / meditation program, worked with our youth, led the outreach & spiritual growth programs, and provided spirited sermons & thoughtful prayers. And yes, he led the team that won the 2019 Lake Bluff BBQ Championship!

Additionally, while here Zach and Lydia were blessed with the birth of their daughter Frances, who joins her older brother Henry. It seems like yesterday that we were delivering food to their home following Frances' birth.
You are invited to send best wishes to Zach and Lydia via email Zach or postal mail ℅ The Community Church, P.O. Box 26, Lake Bluff, IL 60044. In the meantime, you can see Zach at Community Contemplation, on Sunday mornings (he preaches at the May 24 Grateful Dead service) or on zoom in the upcoming Thomas Keating study group..

Zach - and the Hancock family - will be remembered, and missed.

Peace, Tom