March 21, 2020

Dear Friends:

The reality of the Covid-19 pandemic and our necessary response for social distancing strategies continue to manifest themselves. Bishop Kevin has asked that we continue with the suspension of our public worship through Holy week and Easter (at the least). It is hard to imagine not gathering weekly as we do and even harder to imagine not gathering for the important rituals of our holiest week. Yet, we must. 

We will continue with making available as much as we can via virtual media to aid in your prayers. We look forward to being creative and inviting you into opportunities to observe the remainder of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter virtually. This is a most unusual time and I am grateful to all of you for staying safe, cooperating with social distancing practices, AND opening your hearts anew to where God is stirring and moving. 

Please tune in for education hour on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. (Adult Formation - Click here) and worship at 10:00 a.m. ( Livestream and Facebook ) Bishop Kevin will be present and offering a pastoral word to our diocese!  

Finally, I am thankful to you for remembering to keep up with your giving. Our mission continues. You may send your giving to the Cathedral by mail (321 Wyandotte St. Bethlehem, PA 18015) or by giving online at . I thank you. 

Please be kind to one another. Contact the clergy if you are in need. If you know someone who is in need, please let us know. Reach out to the isolated in love and peace.  

Bishop Kevin's letter to the diocese is below. 



The Very Rev. Anthony R. Pompa
Dean and Rector
Message from Bishop Kevin: Call to Suspend Worship Through Easter

Posted on  March 19, 2020

Dear people of God,

After careful consideration of the advice given by government and healthcare professionals, as well as  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry  and other local bishops and faith leaders, I am compelled to call upon all churches in the diocese to continue to suspend in-person gatherings of any size, including worship, through Holy Week and Easter at the earliest (April 12, 2020).

Holy Week and Easter are central to our Christian faith. To not gather to commemorate Christ’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, the last supper where he instituted the sacrament of his Body and Blood, his condemnation and tragic death on the cross, and his conquering of death and rising to new life—this will be an immense sacrifice. However, it also offers us an opportunity to reimagine how we “do church,” to expand the various ways we can gather together, even as we are physically separated. Sadly, we must remain physically distant from one another now, as it is distance that minimizes the risk of illness and helps to preserve, not only our own health, but especially the health of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Rest assured that this distance need not lead to isolation and loneliness. Our diocese is working to offer online worship and faith-sharing opportunities so that we might remain connected, and can continue to pray, worship, and learn together—to laugh, cry, and be joyful together—even if that means we must re-think what it means to be “together” in these times. I encourage you to  check our website  frequently to stay up-to-date with worship and other opportunities that are being offered throughout the diocese. I also encourage you to reach out in love to others who may be struggling, and to reach out for help when you are struggling yourself.

I will continue to send regular messages and be in touch with clergy and other leaders in the diocese. Know of my prayers for each and every one of you, and my confidence that we will emerge from this time of sacrifice with deepened love for one another, and for Christ who died for us, and rose again.

In God’s love,
The Rt. Rev. Kevin D. Nichols
Bishop of Bethlehem
Nativity Cathedral |