Presbytery of the Miami Valley

PMV Montage

March 17, 2020
An Important Update from our Synod of the Covenant 
The General Assembly's Administrative Commission for the Synod of the Covenant (the "AC") has recently released two important documents that provide an update on the situation at the Synod.  The documents describe the current and projected status of the Synod's activities as the Administrative Commission has assumed operational control by taking "original jurisdiction" of the Synod:
Creation of this AC was approved at the 2018 General Assembly in response to concerns about disfunction at the Synod expressed by numerous presbyteries in the Synod, including our own. The AC did extensive research and took testimony before deciding to take original jurisdiction of the Synod in February 2020. 
In due time following selection of a transitional executive and a period of mediation for healing and reconciliation, the AC intends to return authority for the Synod's activities to presbytery-elected commissioners and elected officers. But in the meantime much work remains to be done to improve Synod processes and restore frayed relationships. 
The AC will offer a webinar on Tuesday, March 31, from 3:00 to 4:00 P.M. Eastern time to discuss the changes underway in the Synod. You are welcome to take advantage of that opportunity to hear from the AC and ask questions about the future of the Synod. More details on the webinar will come later.
Larry Hollar
Stated Clerk
Presbytery of the Miami Valley