St. Andrew's Clergy Transition Update

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

As you know, we joyfully welcomed the Reverend Rosemari Sullivan on Sunday, July 14th, as she began her work as our Interim Rector. As Rosemari so aptly noted, “It will be an adventure for each of us as we pray and discern the next steps” for our congregation. We again extend our deep appreciation and thanks for her willingness and dedication to shepherd us during this time.

As stated in our last transition update, our next step is to engage in the process to select a Priest-in-Charge for our church. The Vestry has now turned our full attention to that process. To recap, that process entails the following:

  • A church "Discernment Team" is selected by the Vestry;

  • The team undertakes an abbreviated "self-study" of our church – who we have been, who we are today, and who we want to be in the future;

  • The team reviews candidates vetted by the Diocese and recommends a candidate to the Vestry;

  • Following Vestry approval and with the Bishop’s consent, St. Andrew’s will call a Priest-in-Charge to serve under an initial three-year contract, with the option to convert to "Rector" as early as 18-months into such service.

Since our last update, your Vestry has engaged in a prayerful, deliberate discussion to identify Discernment Team members. We are very pleased to report that we’ve completed that next step! Please join us in celebrating our Discernment Team members:

  • January Layman-Wood – Chair
  • Debby Braun
  • Bob Gleason
  • Andrew Guccione
  • Alice McGuin
  • Todd McKeever
  • Betsy Pugin
  • Pam Rozelsky
  • Joe Steele

Selecting a small group of nine parishioners from among our almost 300 registered communicants wasn’t easy! Nonetheless, we unanimously agreed that this group possesses the right qualities and skills, and reflects a broad cross-section of our membership (in age, length of membership, religious background, and life experience). We thank them for agreeing to dedicate the time, focus, and energy required for the holy work of finding our next spiritual guide.

We also thank those of you who courageously “put your name out there” as potential candidates for the team. St. Andrew’s is blessed to have so many members who care so deeply about this place! Even if you weren’t selected, rest assured everyone will have opportunities to provide input to the team, and the team will need all our prayers and encouragement over the coming months.

The Discernment Team will begin their work immediately, and we look forward to hearing more as they begin their important undertaking concerning the future direction of St. Andrew's and its missions. Join us as we commission this group on Sunday, August 4th at the 10:00 a.m. service.

As always, please contact any Vestry member should you have any thoughts or questions.

Your Vestry,

Mark Foster
Senior Warden
Christine Kelly
Junior Warden
Pat Brown
Christie Dasher
Paul Foley
Jane Girondo
John Jaskot
Julie Morgan
Elaine Runkel
Martha Turner
Rebecca Umberger
Darren Williams | | (703) 455-2500