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An Incredible Journey: Unit 1 RPV's Trip to Utah
In May, the Unit 1 reactor pressure vessel began its journey to the EnergySolutions disposal site in Clive, Utah. The project was the first major effort of SONGS' dismantlement, which had just begun in February.

The 770-ton package arrived safely, thanks to the close coordination of all involved, and making safety our number one priority.

Watch the video below to see the RPV's amazing journey.
Community Engagement Panel Meeting set for March

The first quarter Community Engagement Panel meeting will be held March 18 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting will again be held virtually, this time using Microsoft Teams for the platform. Instructions for how to participate in the meeting are available on the meeting page at SONGSCommunity.com.

Look for the agenda and other information to be posted prior to the meeting.

SONGS Speakers Bureau Continues Virtually

The SONGS Speakers Bureau continues its outreach efforts to the local community via Zoom due to COVID-related safety measures. The presentation covers the decommissioning of San Onofre, including a timeline of the major dismantlement work, as well as how the material and debris will be shipped off-site. Used nuclear fuel storage is explored as well.

If your group would be interested in a presentation, send us an email and we will work with you to schedule a date.
Decommissioning Work Ramping Up in 2021
Dismantlement work will accelerate in 2021 in many different areas of the site, including the containment domes.

A major preparatory milestone for decommissioning SONGS was achieved in early November with the completion of removing friable, or brittle, Asbestos Containing Material from within the containment buildings.

The final segment of the Unit 2 containment equipment hatch (see photo at right) was removed Jan. 19 as work continues to enlarge the opening. The current round opening will be expanded to allow trailers to back into the opening for efficient loading of equipment being removed from containment.

Visit our website for updates on decommissioning work.
Thoughtful Response to Misinformation about Radiation, SONGS
Richard Warnock is a board-certified health physicist, has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry, and spent more than three decades in the nuclear energy industry.

Recently the San Clemente Times published his op-ed focusing on a recent event sponsored by the Del Mar-based Samuel Lawrence Foundation. The virtual event featured Dr. Ian Fairlie speaking about San Onofre.

Admittedly, Dr. Fairlie told the audience he did not know very much about SONGS: “I preface my remarks by saying that I have never been to San Onofre, so I don't have specific information as to what's going on there,” according to the transcript of the meeting.

As Mr. Warnock writes in the S.C. Times, “Dr. Fairlie’s recommendations included: surf elsewhere; move women at least 3 miles away if pregnant, lactating or of child-bearing age; have no children under 18 years of age living within 3 miles of San Onofre; and don’t eat vegetables, mushrooms, wild berries or honey from hives within 3 miles of San Onofre. These are irrational recommendations based on abysmal ignorance or unfounded fright.”

Read the full op-ed from Mr. Warnock here.

Also, a letter to the editor on this topic was posted in the S.C. Times last week. You can read it here.
Fiestaware Leads to High School Evacuation

You may have heard the news recently about a piece of Fiestaware causing a high school in New Jersey to be evacuated? The collectable is mildly radioactive, in fact we demonstrate that during our public walking tours.

SONGS retiree Mark Lewis shows you.