Dear Members of the WVSMA's Young Physicians Section,
Senator Ron Stollings, MD is our State Senator representing WV District 07 who has been in this capacity since 2006. A practicing Internist, a patient and public health advocate he has been a powerful defender of the practice of medicine since he has been in the Senate. YPSgram had the opportunity of interviewing him during the 2018 Healthcare Summit.
Happy Anniversary!
On another note, this issue of YPSgram marks our one year anniversary. In case you missed it, we have published six issues that cover a broad range of topics including customer service, team building, readiness for a deposition, financial health and other topics. These newsletters are available on our YPS page.

Coming soon, we will be sending out invitations to our various sister specialty medical societies asking them to nominate YPS physician representatives as we work towards improved communication and collaboration with other WV physician organizations.