An Introduction to Annual Giving

(and the Meeting of the Minds!)

A Morning Pre-Conference Masterclass

With CASE Laureate Bob Burdenski

Wednesday, February 7, 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


New to the profession?

Or desperately in need of an update?

Join 3-time Innovations in Annual Giving author and

CASE Laureate Bob Burdenski and learn some fundamentals of today's annual giving fundraising.

It's been twenty years since Bob wrote his first "Innovations in Annual Giving" book for CASE. Since then, he's continued to identify and celebrate "innovations in annual giving" and sees the best and brightest ideas every year. Much has changed, while many goals for broad-based support remain the same. Bob educates and entertains his audiences -- enjoy the teaching style that earned him a CASE Crystal Apple.
Bob will provide an overview of the enduring institutional value of annual giving, the fundraising channels in-use today, case for support messages that resonate (and with which audiences), the unchanging-yet-continually-evolving metrics that define annual giving success, and some fundraising advice for the current pandemic situation.
This annual giving orientation is ideal for new members of the team (or those in need of a refresher). What do pipelines, pyramids, "the wave," Starbucks, Cheerios, and Michael Bloomberg all have to do with annual giving and a broad base of support?  Learn how annual giving opens doors, turns on light bulbs and beats the drum for an institution's culture of philanthropy.

Bob was named a CASE Laureate in 2019.  

His programs are famous for featuring many examples from a world-wide range of institutions. Bob sees the best new ideas in annual giving -- join him and get the foundation you need for annual giving success.  And it's free for MOTM attendees.

Take-away learning outcomes from this masterclass will include:

  • An overview of an annual giving program's role in engaging a broad base of support, prospect identification and segmentation, and subsequent donor relationship pipeline development;
  • A discussion of traditional, new and emerging annual giving fundraising methods and channels, from the author of three CASE books on "innovations in annual giving;"
  • A collection of examples of annual giving case for support messages that resonate (and why) with their audiences;
  • Some recommended conference sessions and speakers for first-time MOTM conference attendees;

This morning masterclass will be two hours with a quick break. There's no cost for registered MOTM conference attendees to attend, but registration is required.

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