March 13, 2018: Lean 101: An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
In today’s ever-changing global economy, companies are faced with fierce competition, and have to continually find ways to remain competitive in their marketplace. The question is how does one improve product and customer value, while reducing cost?
Lean Manufacturing helps you to look at your operation in a manner that identifies and eliminates non-value added activities, more commonly known as WASTE! 
Lean establishes a systematic approach to eliminating waste and creating flow throughout the whole company. It also helps you to develop and implement a long-term plan to streamline your operations for success by doing MORE with LESS! 
Advanced Technology Center at BridgeValley Community & Technical College
1201 Science Park Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303
Tuesday, March 13 from 08:30 AM EDT - 4:30 PM
Course Description:
Throughout the day, you will learn about principles of Lean Manufacturing including: operational layout, visual systems, 5S & workplace organization, standardized work, batch size reduction, teams, quality at the source, point-of-use storage, quick changeover, pull systems/kanbans, cellular flow, and total productive maintenance.
You will first learn about these principles in a classroom, then you will apply the principles inside of a simulated factory through a series of exercises to help further understand the benefits of Lean Manufacturing.

For more information, questions, or to register for this event please contact: Dave Carrick
Dave Carrick