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November 2015
Dear Friends, all of humanity is connected and during times of uncertainty it is so very important to remain with love in the heart and light in the soul!

In this newsletter, we have an article exploring an important nine month transit with information about:  the role of transiting Jupiter; the role of Pluto and Uranus in a birth chart; the sign of Virgo in our daily lives; the intent of a Solar Eclipse; and connecting the dots to gain meaning from transits. 

This article is relevant to all readers of all levels of astrological knowledge, but is particularly important for those born from 1965 to early 1968 as this 'once in a lifetime' transit impacts your birth chart directly. 

Also, I am passing along the link to this month's Full Moon Meditation.  As some of you noted, last month we wrote 'mediCation' by mistake and all had a good life about Meditation actually being good Medicine for the soul!

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An Invitation To Transformation
Transiting Jupiter in Virgo & Two Solar Eclipses
Three central figures from left to right:
Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn
Some transits that occur in the heavens impact people in a cluster of birth years. Right now, we are about to begin one such transit: transiting Jupiter conjuncting a natal Pluto and Uranus conjunction in Virgo.

Those impacted where born from 1965 to early 1968.  You might be impacted or someone you know and love may have been born during this time. While this article is targeted to a transit impacting the mid-60's births, other aspects will resonate more broadly: the role of transiting Jupiter; the role of Pluto and Uranus in your birth chart; the sign of Virgo in our daily lives; the intent of a Solar Eclipse and connecting the dots to gain meaning from transits.
The Role of Transiting Jupiter

The orbit of Jupiter through your birth chart is 12 years. So, Jupiter spends 1 year in each house of your birth chart. Unlike slower moving transits, like the transits of Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, we are able to more easily identify how Jupiter has impacted our life because it is so easy to think in terms of 1 year, 3 years, 6 years, 9 years and 12 years. When we take a 'look back' and assess our life in the context of our Jupiter transits, it is typically fun because Jupiter is a benefic planet.

During Jupiter's 12 year cycle, certain times will be called out as Jupiter makes important connections. This transit is one of those connections for those born from 1965 to early 1968. For those born outside of these years, this transit may still impact your chart by sign and degree and make important connections so check out your chart.

When Jupiter transits a birth chart, he brings optimism, energy, opportunity and often reward. That is a nice combination. Alternatively, the transits of Saturn bring "opportunities" for growth that demand a lot of hard work on our part and it doesn't always feel great during a Saturn transit, which is probably an understatement. By contrast, Jupiter does not make us feel heavy and he encourages us to optimistically embrace our future and make things happen. Jupiter transits feel good!

The most important thing to do
during a Jupiter transit
is to take action.

Jupiter allows us to feel great, but he only provides true opportunity and reward when we take action. If we just sit back and enjoy the ride and do not take action, we will enjoy ourselves, but we miss an opportunity to take two steps forward on our unfolding journey in life!

A downfall of Jupiter is that he wants us to celebrate your vision and, during that celebration, he encourages us make that vision be really, really big. Why is this a downfall? When things get too big, we often are unable to take action because we can't get our arms around the 'bigness' of it and we do not know where to begin. So, again, we just sit back and enjoy the ride and often the inspiration evaporates. 

If we do this over and over again,  
we begin to feel that  
our inspirations lead to nothing & 
self-doubt creeps in. 

Taking action breaks us out of this cycle.

Each chart in the birth years from 1965 to early 1968 will experience this transit on different dates, but all will experience this transit during this period.   During this transit, most charts will get three hits from Jupiter, which is good because we have three direct experiences and times to take action.

The reason for the three hits is that Jupiter will transit these degrees and then turn retrograde motion and then direct again. Here are the key dates for this retrograde motion (Jupiter's retrograde motion will be felt by all, even those outside these birth years):
  • On January 9, 2016, Jupiter will reach 23 degrees of Virgo and begin his retrograde motion.
  • On May 10, 2015, Jupiter will end his retrograde motion and turn direct again at 13 degrees of Virgo.
  • In September 2016, Jupiter will exit the sign of Virgo and move on.
So far, we have just talked about transiting Jupiter. Now, we need to consider this natal Pluto and Uranus conjunction in Virgo that Jupiter is transiting.
The Role of Pluto and Uranus

Pluto and Uranus are outer planets, they move slowly and they carry large importance in our natal charts.

Pluto represents our past and wounding we have received in the past. Pluto rules Hades and he is associated with a heavy, brooding energy, which is why he is considered a malefic planet. Only Mercury can travel to Hades and not get lost. So, when Pluto drags us into Hades, his goal is for us to transform, but first he makes us get lost in our own past life wounding.  That's heavy.  That's Pluto.

Only at the point on our unfolding journey when we find our way beyond this past life wounding can we find our way out of Hades and experience the transformation that Pluto wants for us and we now want for ourselves. To transform we begin to release the wounding from the past, we form new habits, focus on the now and honor our truth moving forward!

Uranus is also important and powerful, but not in a way that is as heavy and brooding as Pluto. Uranus demands change and growth and change and growth. This demand for change and growth continues until we awaken to and embrace our unique gifts. The goal of Uranus is for us to identify and embrace what makes us unique and to share what is energized in us with our kindred spirits!

So, why is Uranus challenging? Well, it must be recognized that unique is unique and our uniqueness makes us different. Being different from the rest of society is not something we embrace easily. That is why we often shy away from Uranus in our chart because we do not want to be shunned by others or thought to be out of step in some way.

As our journey unfolds, we reach a point where embracing our gifts is demanded by Uranus (and enforced by him too).  Or, we simply find in our heart that we no longer can avoid what is deeply meaningful to us. We explore, then embrace and finally start sharing our gifts. From this starting point, a process unfolds. At first, we share our gifts with those closest to us, which can often be our family. Often family may not appreciate, support or encourage us. This can cause questioning and uncertainty, but this soon resolves into confidence and determination as we slowly migrate toward sharing with our kindred spirits who do understand and support our gifts.

Alone Pluto and Uranus are powerful planets in any person's birth chart, whether these two planets are in aspect to one another or not. But, for those born from 1965 to early 1968, these two planets are conjunct (melded together), which magnifies the energy contained in this part of the birth chart.
Pluto and Uranus Conjunct in Virgo

Now that we have considered Pluto and Uranus, the sign of Virgo cannot be overlooked in this equation.   Each sign and planet has a positive and negative expression as we explored with Pluto and Uranus.   What part does Virgo play?

The negative expression of Virgo pulls our focus toward a list of unimportant To Do's in our daily life. The To Do List belongs to Virgo!  You 'To Do Listers' know who you are. That is not to say that goals and priorities which often appear on lists are not important, because they are essential for results and progress. But, often a Virgo might say that everything on the list is important and to a Virgo it does all feel important:  clean this, pick up this, move this, paint this, fix this, clean that, use this before it expires, etc. But, more than likely, the important stuff is not anywhere near the list.

What is on the list? On this list is all the stuff that makes you so busy that you have no time for that which is truly important to you. What is important to a Virgo? To a Virgo, what is truly important is that which brings focus via our sacred flame to our spiritual hearth as if the beauty of our soul is lighting this hearth.  Then, allowing this warmth to make us feel safe so that we can share this warmth via our gifts with others.

It is helpful, one step at a time, for a Virgo
to simplify life so that energy can be focused
toward that which brings warmth and meaning.

In addition to 'busying' ourselves, Virgo can foster feelings of fear, doubt, worry (often especially over health), and guilt. Until we become free of self-doubt, guilt and fear, we are not able to embrace the positive qualities of Virgo. Though, we may dance with Virgo between the positive and negative throughout life.

When we allow ourselves to move beyond our fears, we worry less about our health. When we allow ourselves to move beyond the unimportant To Do's and our need to be perfect, we have time for what is most important to us. Then, when we release self-doubt and guilt, we forgive ourselves and we want to share our Virgo spiritual warmth with the world and with ourselves.

It is at this point where the dance of Virgo can continue in our life. We are ready to share, but our self-doubt and worries about not being perfect enter again. Then, something always needs to be cleaned to distract us (avoidance).  This creates a habit of thinking we are not and will never be ready to share. So, we take one course after another and we never venture into service. For those wanting to give service and have been only dipping your toes in the water for years, consider trusting what feels warm and meaningful to you and putting both feet in!

I would add that Virgo enjoys caring for people and things.  So, the list that contains our important gifts and the ways we care for the world around us are important.  Often, to a Virgo, taking care of something is sharing love and this must never stop:  do your duties with love AND share your gifts! 

These archetypes exist in each person's birth chart. For those born from 1965 to early 1968, you have this strong energy of Pluto and Uranus making strong demands that can be very constrained by Virgo if you are not free of our wounding, fear, worry, guilt, and doubt.  There is a lot to work on here. For each person, this conjunction will also make other connections and will exist in a specific house, coloring the archetypes further.

At the heart of this season is the connection between the transit of Jupiter and the Virgo Solar Eclipse in September 2015 and the March 2016 Solar Eclipse in the sign that opposes Virgo (Pisces). The cycle of transiting Jupiter and the eclipses that come along with the transiting Nodes generally occurs at the same spot in your birth chart only once in a lifetime. So, this is a very fortunate and important set of transits, IF you remain aware and make use of both.

Now, let's look at the qualities of this transit and how to use this time! 
First, Solar Eclipses Energizing All Charts

Let's begin with the Solar Eclipses, which will impact all birth charts even those outside the mid to late 1960 birth years. A Solar Eclipse is best understood as a sudden burst of energy impacting the house the eclipse takes place in and any planets it is conjunct or opposed.

The intent of this burst of energy is to bring issues of the house and any impacted planets into focus in our daily life. The energy of the eclipse demands that we experience the topics it is energizing.  

The effect of this burst of energy has two potentials:

  • If you have been working on the topic of the house and any planet that is impacted by the eclipse, then you will experience sudden progress that seemed unlikely prior to the eclipse.
  • Alternatively, if you have avoided the topic (either consciously or unconsciously), the eclipse is likely to create a crisis. Why? The eclipse wants to direct your attention to the issue so that you can take the actions and/or make the changes that are necessary.

  • These Solar Eclipses are adding energy to everyone's chart and to the Pluto and Uranus conjunction for the 1965 to early 1968 birth years. This spot in your birth chart is energized and remains active for 6 months or even longer. Again, this is a once in a lifetime combination along with transiting Jupiter.

    Key Dates - Transiting Jupiter will pass over the spot of the September's Solar Eclipse, re-energize the eclipse three times:  November 23, 2015; February 22, 2016; and July 21, 2016.

    Transiting Jupiter

    Jupiter will bring his fortunate, forward looking energy and the opportunity to make amazing new progress on your unfolding journey in life. Jupiter has three key characteristics. 

    • First, Jupiter is concerned with the future.
    • Second, Jupiter provides opportunities, inspirations or rewards that expand our horizons in life.
    • Third, Jupiter is known as the "Guru Planet", which implies that transits of Jupiter give us guidance on our soul's journey. 
    For each person born between 1965 and 1968, this combination of transiting Jupiter and September's Solar Eclipse is very important. In fact, it is a once in a lifetime event.   So, the next nine months are of particular importance. Why these 4 birth years? This was the last time Uranus and Pluto made a powerful connection. As many of you know, I refer to powerful connections between Uranus and Pluto as 'The Wookie' or Chewbacca from Star Wars. There is a lot of grunting and growling from an ominous force and we often are unable to understand what he wants from us and it is a bit frightening.

    This transit of Jupiter could help to be a translator for 'The Wookie'! I know that many of you have worked hard to embrace this natal Pluto and Uranus conjunction. This is a great time to take this understanding to the next level!

    Helpful Reminder: Buy your Star Wars tickets early! Ha!

    Transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Pluto can bring opportunity, healing and transformation. The Solar Eclipse signals a time when its' burst of energy has the potential to break us free from the grip of "the Wookie".

    If you or someone you love was born between 1965 and 1968, both September's Solar Eclipse and transiting Jupiter will impact and energize your Uranus - Pluto conjunction in Virgo. If you are feeling intensity at this time, it might be a good time to explore this transit via a transit forecast.
    Your Unfolding Journey Via Transits

    When we think about the meaning of an individual transit there are a dozen different interpretations:
    • Is this transit of Jupiter about a physical reward, a career opportunity, an inspiration, or renewed personal vitality?
    • Should Jupiter be interpreted as a game of expansion that leads to gaining weight?
    • Or, the "Great Expectations" that tempt us to become over-confident and over-step your boundaries and "blowing up the bubble until it pops"?
    • Will the benefit or event take place in the house transiting Jupiter is in or will its' effect be observed in the house the planet Jupiter is transiting rules?  
    • I could go on and on, but you get the point. There are many possible interpretations for each and every transit.
    I am not a predictive astrologer and I do not believe that predictions are helpful because predictions made with astrology are often not holistic. Life is complex and beautiful, like a hologram of existence. We are not fated to one single outcome.

    The key to understanding important and potentially life changing transits is to recognize that they do not occur out of context or in isolation.


    Three questions must always be asked:
    • How have you been working with the core themes in your birth chart?
    • How have prior transits connected to any theme been experienced?
    • What are the themes that are unfolding via transits to your birth chart at this time?
    When you are aware of the themes on your soul's journey in life, you can examine how those themes are unfolding, particularly in terms of recent powerful transits.  It can be helpful, over the course of time, to revisit the themes in your birth chart. 

    As you might expect, each planet brings its' own unique quality.  Here are some examples:  
    • Did you receive opportunities, rewards and inspirations at recent important Jupiter transits?
    • Has transiting Saturn given you a "passing grade" or that there are aspects of your life that need to be addressed, rebuilt or even simply to be let go of?
    • Did recent Uranus and Pluto transits, a.k.a. "the Wookie", reveal new potentials to be explored or did they forcefully dismantle some aspect of your life?  
    • Have transits of Neptune left you feeling a bit confused or deceived, or did you explore and develop a greater connection to the spiritual and creative aspects of your life?
    What is most important is that each of these important transits plays a role in identifying both the direction you are meant to go and the degree to which you are on your "Yellow Brick Road" with each transit providing insights into one aspect of your journey to the "Emerald City". Or, are you "Lost in the Poppy field"?

    The path to achieve your goals is illuminated through HOW each of these transits informs the next. Yes, Saturn's transits have something to say to Jupiter. Just as Jupiter's transits have something to say to Saturn. For many of you, you will move from heavy Saturn transits directly into these energizing Jupiter transits.
    From Awareness to Action to a New Chapter

    Taken together, the next nine months will provide the energy to move you forward on your soul's journey in three ways:
    • First, you will gain new insights into the meaning of your birth chart.
    • Second, you will have opportunities to heal the past and to embrace your future. 
    • Third, you will have key times for taking action on your inspirations and opportunities.


    This is the soul's journey from your past life karma to your dharma, your highest potential. Embracing the role of the architect in your life!
    Wishing you are energized, inspired and ready to embrace the next chapter of life!


    Full Moon Meditation
    November 25, 2015
    This month's Full Moon Meditation, a 10 minute YouTube Video, can be found on our web-site.  Here is a link: 

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