An Invitation to your Mayor/Reeve and Council
You are invited to a 1-hour webinar designed especially for COUNCILS. Please consider taking the time to learn how you can use your zoning bylaws to protect your lakeshore. 12
Administrator - Please forward this invitation to your Council
Good morning to Mayors/Reeves and Councilors,

The first three webinars in our Spring Seminar were designed for everyone who lived at the lakeshore and who cared about the stewardship of our lakes.
The 4th webinar, however, is specially designed for municipal governments - for the Mayor and Councilors of each of our 41 resort villages and for the Reeve and Councilors of those dozen or so rural municipalities within whose boundaries are one or several cottage communities on our lakes (either Organized Hamlets or subdivisions).

Our speaker, Joe Jozsa, is a registered community planner. I have personally had the opportunity to be part of a resort village committee who were led by Joe to do a review of their plan and zoning bylaws, while all the while keeping one eye on the environment. It was a very worthwhile experience. Please consider attending.

Lynne Saas
PARCS Coordinator of Member Services